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On Iraqi TV, via satellite in US, it is reporting in the coming days a mechanism will be activated that will eliminate the US dollar and raise the value of the dinar.

Reportedly, PM Abadi on Iraqi TV implying that … Read More

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Citizens in Iraq are informing that there is a ban on using the US dollar…..supposedly in all provinces!

Is this the final phase to economic reform and a public release of a revalued currency?

Time Will Tell.… Read More


It has been reported earlier that the GREEN light has been given to invade Western Mosul in the coming hours.

Could this finally be the last phase?… Read More


Up to 45 banks now (handling the dinar).

Banks are openly accepting the Iraqi Dinar.

As far as I’m concerned that makes it International.

Even if not International, all we want is for banks over here to accept it.

Other … Read More


Intel-wise, nothing much has changed from Monday.

We did have some nice developments yesterday…a potential leverage opportunity for dong.

Texts and calls came in.

Some told us that you had to have an account at the bank already, but they Read More


We heard some possibilities on Friday but they didn’t come through.

As for Iraqi news…The CBI still has not updated their rates after 30+ days;  something is going on there.

The UN rates are usually updated by now as well, Read More


[Do you believe this RV will be this month or year?]

A: Yes, and yes.

My intel says that the banks are ready for this to pop – they see rates and receive memos, but still no forward movement.Read More