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MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Hello everyone. Fancy meeting you here again.

Member: INTEL has dried up the past few days everywhere….Thank you MarkZ

Member: Are the whales still in Reno/TX?? I’d imagine a lot of them are mad they’re still waiting there.

Member: we minnows are still in place waiting for Notifications

MZ: Many whales are still there…staying in place and ready to roll…Some have made arrangements for private flights so they are able to get back within hours.

Member: MARK! BIG NEWS! One of my 4A contacts in S. Africa said the paymaster he works with told him that the 1% had been Paid and he is expecting their bonds to be dealt with any moment now…


MZ: I am hearing similar things on the bond side. Today there was a lot of movement. Some of it still pointing to very late in the week for payments….some have been moved till Monday for access on their money. ..What I have been told is 3 to 5 days from when they start paying Historic German bonds  is when you and I go…those bonds seem to be a trigger based on everything I am hearing from paymasters and groups.


Member: Maybe those German bonds will create liquidity for us to go???


MZ: You may be right. It is a possibility.


MZ: There is still great chatter and there are still groups updating paperwork. The news from groups has been fantastic.


MZ: I know many of you who are not in groups get down because you cannot see it….but don’t throw in the towel yet…..things are great. .


Member: Hello Mark Z. Moving ($3B – $5B) for 1% advance fee doesn’t add up for all Historic Bonds Tiers 3 – 4A. They have to traunche that same amount daily to cover all H. Bonds including Bond Platforms?


MZ: But it would be enough to properly test the system in the first traunche of these payments. They have to make certain the system is working by sending many increasing amounts through it. . If they would send me 3-5 billion to test the system…you would sure have me grinning….lol


MZ: Today-The Fed….no interest rate change yet…they have inflation running rampant….They have used all the tools in their toolbox….they have nothing left. A reset and getting away from fiat currency is inevitable. It is going to happen.


Member: Feds have two chances on the economy…”Slim & None”…We need a global reset to pull us out of this mess…


Member: The market went in the right direction at least. Down


Member: Dow today down 129.61. Do not get fooled January 5 Dow 36,860.87 today 34168.09 total lose 2692.78Average daily lose 207.13 Approximate. A little over 7 per cent.


Member: ground hog day is next week!!!


Member: Ground Hog day is every day…lol


Member: Have we ever been this close?


Member: We have never, ever been this close before. Things are happening now we have never seen happen before.


Member: Are redemption people still there?


MZ: Yes they are. And they are still prepared.


Member: It’s so exciting to see Mark getting excited!


Member: Everyday I go on here not expecting …but hoping to see that we’re there. The codes are in and we get our appointments….


Member: Maybe tomorrow will be that day!


Member: Mark ur so fantastic and reliable for showing up everyday to hang out with us and give us your cheerful news


Member: Even though the target keeps getting moved, there is way too much evidence that this is real!   Hang in there people, this is test of your lifetime, and the biggest test in human history.   STAY THE COURSE


Member: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”… Trust that God is in control ,knowing he wouldn’t lead you here only to disappoint you.




Please listen to replay for all the information


The next stream is tomorrow at 10Am est……..unless.


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