Samson: Abadi congratulates Christians on Easter

2017/4/15 20:05

Congratulated Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Saturday, Christian Iraq to mark the feast of Passover solutions [Resurrection].

According to Abadi , in a statement he followed by all of Iraq … Read More


Isis ‘minister of war’ is killed by allied airstrike in Mosul.

The highest ranking Islamic State commander in Mosul, described as the jihadists’ minister of war, has been killed in an airstrike.… Read More


Steadfast: Let’s hope the Easter Bunny knows where the button is and hops on it. : )

AJTexas:  This is our week coming up. Lots of good articles stating events and processes are lining up. Groups in the know should … Read More


GFulcher66: Hey Frank or someone smarter than me, if one of your annoying friends said to you ” who cares if Iraq is in the UN now, so is Russia and Iran …whats the difference?” What would your reply be??… Read More

Al-Quds Al-Arabi

Tens of churches ring in central Mosul after three years

After three years of deprivation, hundreds of Christians from Nineveh Province in Iraq have prayed for Easter holidays in the left-hand areas after the expulsion of the Islamic state’s organization.… Read More

Middle East Online

British FM blasts ‘arch-terrorist’ Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is an “arch-terrorist” and it is time Russia realised he is “literally and metaphorically toxic”, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Sunday.

Johnson said Assad’s ally Moscow still had time to … Read More


KRG Believes in Dialogue to Settle Disputes with Baghdad: PM

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received the Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari and his accompanying delegation on Wednesday in Erbil.

During the meeting, Jaafari stated that Kurdistan … Read More

The Baghdad Post

ISIS launches chlorine gas attacks in western Mosul

An Iraqi military officer says ISIS terrorists have launched a gas attack in a newly-liberated area in western Mosul, FoxNews reported on Saturday.

The officer with the anti-terrorism forces said Saturday that … Read More

Iraqi News

Ireland announces €6 million in humanitarian aid to Iraq, Yemen

Ireland has announced €6 million in humanitarian aid to Iraq and Yemen which are currently raged by fierce wars which has resulted in a large-scale displacement of civilians.

From the … Read More


Article: “Central Bank Governor: no room to cancel the sale of the dollar window, if canceled, the exchange rate has become 3 or 4 thousand, and perhaps more

Article quote: “On the prospects of floating Aldenarabraghi, similar Read More

Dinar Updates

Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

Okie Dinar says():End of mission meeting for Iraq and the IMF is April 21-23, correct?

subgirl says to magnetlady():The IMF expects growth of economies of Arabic

2017/04/15 (00:01 pm)  Baghdad/range I expected an … Read More

Mnt Goat

Article quote: “Finance ministers and central bank governors from the Group of 20 major economies, known as the G20, are also scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the April 21-23 conference.”

I personally do not see any … Read More