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xyz: cbi: “We are working on the development of certain objectives and programs in agreement with … Read More


Samson: Posting on behalf of Tim – a look back in time: The link has the date as 20th November, 2003
Welcome to … Read More


Stand4Christ: Another interesting random IMO thoughts I would like to share ……………..

I think I might begin see why Iraq wants to do … Read More


We were just Wondering…..

For Years, hasn’t it always been Said & Known, that the citizens of Iraq would be satisfied FIRST – … Read More


Articles: “Know the strategy of Maliki’s coalition to achieve the political majority in the next session

Rivals may team up Read More


Article: “Strengthen international confidence in Iraq’s economic capabilities

IMO, there is no external confidence in Iraq’s banking system until the CBI … Read More


Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

pankie: trump needs to push the button to stop the shutdown- lowered the income tax–hmmm

Tebow: … Read More