Mangelo: The market is down…I am so hoping we get some great news from Iraq!!!!

Barzani and Abadi met, that was the clock … Read More


Article: “Sources: al-Jaafari anticipates dismissal submit his resignation to Ebadi

And another one bites the dust and brings the total to Read More


The price of oil was adjusted…and …amended into the budget and that helped tremendously…there was an adjustment of 90.22 trillion IQD…that is the Read More


Don961: From Wed Notes:

Frank26:  And the thing is….you put Mosul aside and we are dealing with the security of corruption not of … Read More

Dinar Updates

Chat Room – Excerpts & Highlights

larrykn says():Ebadi receives Barzani

2016/9/29 13:22 [Where – Baghdad]  Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, met on Thursday with … Read More


Article: “Consultant Abadi: Barzani looking new agreement in Baghdad to export oil region

This is where the rubber meets the road Read More


Walkingstick: The World Bank intends to give Iraq a billion dollars to support the 2017 budget near the end of the year

Thursday, … Read More