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Parliament chooses the heads of the four parliamentary committees


…chose the members of the House of Representatives, on Sunday, the heads of four legal and parliamentary committees, culture and clans.


A reporter / Baghdadi News /, “The Legal Committee of Parliament MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Muhsin al-Sadoun chose as its chairman to replace a member of the National Alliance MP Mahmoud al-Hassan.”


He added that “the Committee MP Qassim bonded deputy chairman of the Committee, MP Hassan Turan, Rapporteur of the Committee also chose.”


And restored to the Committee on Culture and Media’s parliamentary election, Maysoon al-President of the Commission, while the parliamentary legal committee elected Mohsen al-Sadoun as its new chairman.


In the same context, the Finance Committee elected as its chairman Mohammed Halbusi, as the parliamentary committee clans held a meeting resulted in the choice of MP Mohammed Saadoun Chihod Chairman of the Committee members as the biggest Sna.



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