Africa Just SHOCKED The World With This: DENOUNCES The West, Cuts Supply | Boosts Putin-China Ties

Africa Just SHOCKED The World With This: DENOUNCES The West, Cuts Supply | Boosts Putin-China Ties

Tech Revolution:  8-18-2023

In a critical shift on the global stage, the geopolitical landscape is witnessing a seismic transformation as Africa takes a bold step in redefining its alliances.

Amidst a growing narrative of exploitation and historical imbalances, Africa has resolutely denounced its traditional Western partnerships, suspending vital supplies and embracing an unexpected new ally, Russia.

In a region rich with history and complexities, the dynamics are rapidly evolving.

 In this video, we will delve into the recent developments that have sent shockwaves through diplomatic corridors and captivated international attention.

We’ll also explore the driving forces behind Africa’s decision to distance itself from the West while delving into the intricate web of geopolitical interests that have fueled the dialogue of exploitation across the continent.

So, the recent coup in Niger shook things up pretty nicely. It turns out, Niger had been the last country in the “coup belt” of Africa to lean towards the West.

This military takeover has raised concerns about regional stability and the impact on ongoing counterterrorism efforts. But what’s caught everyone’s eye is the sight of Nigeriens holding up signs supporting Putin and waving Russian flags. And that’s making leaders in the West a bit uneasy.

Now, let’s talk about the bigger picture. Lately, there’s been this whole “new scramble for Africa” thing going on. Significant players like Russia and China, along with rising regional powers like the United Arab Emirates, have been making big moves in terms of diplomacy and business deals on the continent.

The idea is that these new players are giving a bit of a push to traditional colonial powers like Britain and France. Speaking of which, back in the day, France was the big shot in nine out of 16 countries in West Africa. But now, that number has dropped to just three, according to our trusty team’s Formal Bilateral Influence Capacity Index.

While we’re chatting about Russia’s Africa adventure, let’s remember that this isn’t exactly a new gig for them. Way back when, the Soviet Union, which is the ancestor of modern Russia, played a pretty strong role in Africa. Countries like Ghana, Guinea, and Mali still have memories of the Soviet Union being anti-colonial and fighting to free Africans from the grip of European and American powers.

 The Soviets weren’t shy about giving a helping hand, they dished out economic aid and military support to governments and groups fighting for liberation. And guess what? Russia has been keeping up its diplomatic game in Africa for decades.

So, in the past few years, Russia has been sending support over to Africa. They’ve been responsible for about 40% of the arms that African countries have brought in since 2018. But here’s where it gets intriguing: there’s this Wagner mercenary group that’s all connected to the government, and they’ve been getting super involved in countries like the Central African Republic and Sudan.

They’re not just offering military training, but they’re also handling security for places like gold mines, and in return, they’re getting a cut of the profits.

 Now, even though Russia’s trade with Africa isn’t as big as China’s, it’s still got quite a bit of influence there. And get this, it’s not just about weapons. Russia’s also got its eyes on the agricultural scene, which is a pretty big deal because a lot of countries in Africa depend on a ton of imported food.

 Russia’s in this particular spot where it can fill a gap that other big players like China can’t easily step into. They’ve been spreading these anti-colonial ideas, and it’s translating into real action on the streets of places like Chad and Mali.

It’s like they’re using the information as a tool to make some moves. Oh, and let’s not forget the U.N. scene. Russia’s been making some strategic moves there too. In those significant votes at the U.N. General Assembly, where they discuss stuff like global issues.

Several African countries have either said “no” or just stayed quiet when it comes to criticizing Russia for what’s been happening in Ukraine.

Russia in West out. Going back to West Africa.

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