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A disturbing statement by an economist about the date of the decline in dollar prices


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In his statement to Al-Furat News, Nuri pointed out: “The dollar exchange rates continued to rise for more than a month,” explaining the reasons for that, to “the control measures followed by the US Treasury, with its tightening of control over financial transfers.”
He added, “The central bank reduced its sales with the exclusion of banks, and the plan and intention is to keep the exchange rates within these rates until a month from now, and it will return to its previous rates.”
Nuri continued, “As for the prices with regard to the federal budget, they will remain for two years from now with the same prices.”

It is noteworthy that Iraq has witnessed a few days ago a rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, as it recorded today, Monday, a record level, reaching 157,600 Iraqi dinars, compared to 100 dollars.
The Central Bank of Iraq decided on the 15th of this month to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar to 1465 dinars. And he indicated that the reduction in the selling price of the dollar to the beneficiary {the bank’s customer} who finances its imports with documentary credits, to be 1465 dinars instead of 1470 dinars.

From: Raghad Dahham