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Al-Rafidain counts the number of accounts opened to deposit money in the bank

Rafidain Bank revealed, today, Saturday, the number of open accounts for all sectors in its branches in Baghdad and the provinces during the month of June.

The bank indicated in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that the number of accounts reached 6530 accounts in dinars and dollars.

The statement stated that “the number of savings accounts reached 4,718, and the number of current accounts for the individual sector reached 1,474.”

The statement added that “the number of fixed deposit accounts amounted to 387,” noting that “the number of current accounts for the government sector amounted to 49 government current accounts for central and self-financing, while the accounts of the cooperative sector amounted to two.”

He pointed out that “the bank continues to provide its services by opening accounts for the cooperative sector 2 accounts,” stressing that the bank “continues to provide its services by opening accounts for citizens wishing to deposit their money in the bank and obtain benefits in accordance with the terms and controls established, and the bank’s customers can visit its branches in Baghdad. and provinces to view.

Mustafa Al Marsoumiالرافدين-يحصي-عدد-الحسابات-المفتوحة-لإيداع-الاموال-بالمصرف