Al-Sudani identifies the parties insisting on a rise in the exchange rate in Iraqi markets

Today, Monday, a member of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Saadoun Al-Sudani, identified the parties insisting on a rise in the dollar exchange rate in Iraqi markets, highlighting the difference between the Al-Kadhimi and Sudanese governments.

Al-Sudani said, in an interview with the Al-Ma’louma Agency, that “there is a difference regarding the file of the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar between the previous and the current government,” indicating that “it was the Al-Kadhimi government that worked to raise the exchange rate, while Al-Sudani worked to reduce these prices.”

He added, “There are local internal agendas, as well as international forces, that insist on the dollar remaining at this high level,” pointing out that “the dollar is a major project whose goal is to force the government to follow a path desired by these international forces.”

The member of the House of Representatives explained, “The current government has fought a lot in several areas, especially the dollar, as well as the issue of importing gas from Iran, to try to prevent Iraq from giving money to the Iranian government, which the American Federal Bank stands behind.”

The series of rising dollar exchange rates in Iraqi markets is still continuing, amid conflicting opinions about the real reasons that led to the exhaustion of the local currency again, especially as it began to rise to levels that portend a great danger to the country’s economy.

Washington continues to create crises and create chaos through its malicious cards that it uses from time to time, as America continues to obstruct Iraq’s progress through many files, most notably the dollar.