Al-Sudani meets with parliamentary oil and confirms Iraq’s quest to enter the global gas markets

Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani discussed, on Monday, during his meeting with the Parliamentary Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee, the government’s plans to develop the oil industry.

Al-Sudani Media Office said in a statement received by Al-Mutala, that “the Prime Minister received the Chairman and members of the Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee in the House of Representatives, as part of a series of meetings he holds with parliamentary committees in various sectors; with the aim of coordinating between the executive and legislative authorities, which is aimed at the success of the government’s work towards achieving the objectives of its government program and implementing its priorities.”

He added, “The meeting witnessed the emphasis on the development of the oil industry and the organization of the export process, especially after the interim agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq on the export of oil from the northern fields, which is a ground leading to the adoption of the federal oil and gas law.”

Al-Sudani referred during the meeting to “the government’s interest in the energy file, and its plans to develop the oil industry, which witnessed implementation on the ground through the investment of associated gas and seeking Iraq’s entry into global gas markets, as well as investment in the petrochemical industry, which will play an influential role in the future of the country’s economy, as well as the development of the oil extraction and production sectors. He stressed the continuous work to create promising investment opportunities in the oil sector, which contributes to the development of revenues and the achievement of the interests of the country.”السوداني-يجتمع-بالنفط-النيابية-ويؤكد-السعي-لدخول-العراق-أسواق-الغاز-العالمية