Al-Sudani: The cabinet change is coming and we will dismiss 15 deputies and advisors this week

Today, Monday (September 11, 2023), Prime Minister Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani announced an expected cabinet reshuffle and a change of deputy ministers and advisors.

Al-Sudani said in a television interview with a number of local media outlets, “We will announce the change of 15 undersecretaries and advisors in all ministries during this week, according to the minister’s assessment.”

He stressed, “The ministerial change is coming, and it will be delayed due to the delay in the financial budget and the evaluation is continuing, and there is certainly a ministerial reshuffle soon.”

It is noteworthy that the ministerial reshuffle was supposed to take place before the end of April 2023, which is the end of the six months of the current government’s work.