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Al-Budairi: Meet the representative of Trump Baljbouri and Kurds got to nominate the positions of the three presidencies

Former MP Ali al-Budairi revealed on Thursday the movements of Trump representative Britt McGurk to name the three presidencies with former parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and ruling parties in the Kurdistan Democratic Region and the Union.

Al-Badairi said in a statement to Al-Mawdara that “the recent meetings between McGowork and Al-Jabouri and the Democratic and the Federation got to discuss the positions of the three presidencies and impose the American will on the government decision.” He pointed out that “Washington began to move to intervene in political affairs, By the Commission formed of judges assigned. “

He added that “Washington is trying to achieve its objectives through political figures that try to support them to assume sovereign positions,” noting that “Jubouri and Kurds discussed with the representative of Trump form the next government and the nature of political alliances and return to quotas.”

Informed political sources have reported earlier that the envoy of US President Brett McGork, who arrived in Baghdad recently discussed the mechanism of forming the next government with a number of political leaders. Source