America offers Iraq to build a world-class electricity system

Twilight News / The US ambassador to Iraq confirmed on Tuesday her country’s readiness to work with the Minister of Electricity to build a system with international specifications.

“Iraqis deserve a diversified and modern economy and well-paid jobs,” Ambassador Elena Romansky tweeted.

“To achieve this, it is necessary to build a world-class electricity system,” she added.

“The United States is ready to work with Iraqi Electricity Minister Ziad Ali Fadel and the Iraqi government to do this important endeavor,” she stressed.سیاسة/السفيرة-ال-مريكية-في-بغداد-يستحق-العراقيون-اقتصاد-ا-متنوع-ا-وحديث-ا-ووظا-ف-ذات-جور-جيدة