An American official to Rasheed: We see a radical difference in the security of Iraq and we will transfer this picture abroad

{Politician: Al-Furat News} The President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, received today, Tuesday, at the Baghdad Palace, the Assistant Secretary of State of the United States of America for Middle East Affairs Barbara Lev and her accompanying delegation.

A presidential statement received by {Euphrates News} a copy of it said that “during the meeting, the existing friendship and cooperation relations between the two countries were reviewed, as the President of the Republic stressed the importance of strengthening bilateral relations in a way that serves mutual interests and enhances stability in the region.”
He pointed out that yesterday, the people of the city of Mosul celebrated Spring Festival spontaneously and happily, as they did not celebrate this occasion in years, pointing out that the situation in Iraq has developed positively in a tangible way.
He added that the government has developed an ambitious program to consolidate security in the country, provide the necessary services to citizens, rehabilitate the infrastructure of cities and fight corruption.
For her part, Barbara Lev affirmed the United States’ support for the security and stability of Iraq and the prosperity of its people, and the aspiration to strengthen constructive cooperation relations in the service of common interests.
She pointed out that she visited the city of Basra in 2010 and today she sees a radical difference in security and stability, and improvement in the private sector, indicating that there is safety and freedom for people to move and move on the streets.

She added that this positive image is working to convey abroad, and we will encourage members of Congress to visit Iraq and see the significant improvement in Iraqi provinces and cities.مسؤولة-امريكية-لرشيد-نرى%C2%A0اختلافا-جذرياً-في-أمن-العراق-وسننقل-هذه-الصورة-للخارج