Awake-in-3D Awake-In-3D “GCR Infrasturcture? IMF & DCMA Announces Global Foreign Exchange Digital Currency



RV/GCR infrastructure? IMF & DCMA Announces Global  Foreign Exchange Digital Currency


When I first became involved in the RV/GCR 12 years ago, it was frequently stated that our RV currency exchange and bond redemption proceeds would be:


non-fiat, asset-backed money


managed by an intelligent computing network


traceable transactions to prevent criminal usage of RV funds


connected to all countries and currencies worldwide to create fair and equal economic prosperity


Back then there were no blockchains, digital tokens nor Ai technologies capable of such a GCR scenario. I thought it was unrealistic and impossible at the time.


I concluded that such a GCR reality would have to have a centralized monetary unit, backed by gold/other assets, and managed by existing infrastructure such as the IMF or BIS.


Wait! But aren’t those organizations run by Bad Guys?


I was then informed (consistently) that there were many White Hats in place globally and positioned across the financial system at the IMF, BIS, Central Banks and national Treasury departments worldwide. Additionally, these Good Guys were actively building the system and preparing for an Event that would bring the RV/GCR into reality.


Of course, who knew it would take all this time to come into view? And what is the “Event” that would make it a reality?


I came to discover that the Event must be the logical conclusion of the current, global fiat currency experiment. After all, every fiat currency tried by any country over the past 2,000 years has failed and caused the eventual collapse of all great Civilizations or Empires that adopted a fiat currency.


Most don’t realize the fact that after WW2 (in 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement), the world officially recognized the US Dollar as the first Global Reserve Currency, and since the USD was gold-backed, every country that pegged their currency to the USD was also gold-backed. When the USA ended the Gold Standard in 1971 and became a 100% fiat currency, every other national currency became Fiat as well.


It’s also worth noting that the IMF was first created by the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement.


Fast forward to today…


At the recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meeting, a new “Universal Monetary Unit” named UniCoin was introduced by the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA).


Based on the information released, this new UniCoin has all of the RV Exchange features described above.


If there truly are secretive White Hats at the IMF and embedded throughout the Global Financial System, I cannot help but wonder if this is Universal Monetary Unit just announced is the Trojan Horse disguised as the coming, asset-backed (by Historical Royal/Elder Gold Certificates) Base Currency Unit by which all global currencies will be Reset, Revalued and rationed equally according to a country’s Economic Output (GDP) and Natural Resources relative to the new Universal Monetary Unit.


This system could easily RV currencies and bonds from Iraq, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, etc. to high values relative to an equalized USD and Euro (for example).


While I certainly recognize that such a system could also be used malevolently by the Bad Guys, I cannot see any other mechanism that could realize our RV/GCR out there. I certainly don’t subscribe to ET “Savior” intervention scenarios, nor a USA military-backed coup to force a NESAR/GESARA scenario.


If one considers the above with an open and unbiased approach, a devastating collapse of the current Fiat Debt System would bring about an unprecedented awakening and global Consciousness Shift. No one would want to keep the same leaders in charge who brought down the entire system on their watch.


At this point, it’s time for the White Hats to unveil Our GCR.


I don’t personally subscribe to an “all things financial and political are inherently evil” world view.


Blockchains, Digital Currencies, and Financial System infrastructures are merely Tools. It’s those who wield those tools that determine whether they’re utilized for good or evil.


Sure there are Bad Guys in positions of power and control. Yet there are certainly many Good Guys as well. One things for sure, the Current Debt System is imploding and will collapse in on itself. Every experienced, financial monetary system professional knows this. The BRICS nations also certainly know this.


What will eventually replace the old system upon its deathbed is not predictable. One just has to look around the world and observe the constant reports about gold as “real money” and new asset-backed currency plans in the works to ascertain what’s coming.


Good Guys or Bad Guys notwithstanding, it will come down to what “We the People” allow to replace the old financial system.


Source: @GCR_RealTimeNews


Many Blessings,