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Our GCR Continues to Progress Into Reality – Zimbabwe Applying for BRICS Membership


March 17, 2023 – HARARE, (CAJ News) – ZIMBABWE, reeling from the effects of economic sanctions illegally imposed by the United States (US) and its Western allies, has expressed interest to join BRICS, the fast-growing trading bloc.


I’ve been awaiting factual confirmation of what I knew was a critical path in our GCR process.


Once the western fiat system reaches its logical conclusion, a large portion of the world (the BRICS Alliance) will revalue their planned “alternative” currency system to gold and other “real” commodities.


This we know.


What’s been difficult to foresee is how the Zimbabwe Bond notes will become liquid and redeemable within this alternative system.


Clearly I needed to see Zimbabwe officially becoming a BRICS member as a path to its bonds becoming valuable. Now it’s happening.


While it’s not a done deal at this time, we now see that Zimbabwe’s BRICS application process has begun. The annual BRICS Summit in South Africa will be a must watch this September.






Zimbabwe confirms interest in joining BRICS


Zimbabwe confirms interest in joining BRICS






Ps. Now that Iran has applied for BRICS Membership, where is Iraq?


The Iraqi Government must stop fighting amongst themselves and wake up! Their puppet masters in the United States will not allow Iraq to revalue at true value.


Hello Iraq – It’s time to shake off your western monetary system fleas and shape your own sovereign currency destiny.


Saudi-Iran deal: Towards the de-Americanisation of the Middle East?


Does the Chinese diplomatic breakthrough mark a new era for the Middle East and North Africa to finally exit the US sphere of influence?








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