Awake- in -3D “Our GCR Continues to Unfold in Real Time”

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“Our GCR Continues to Unfold in Real Time” by Awake-in-3D – 7.5.22

Tuesday, 5 July 2022, 2:33 AM

Entry Submitted by Awake-in-3D at 12:15 AM ET on July 5, 2022

GCR Plan Continues to Unfold on the Global Stage – Saudi Arabia Considers Joining BRICS Alliance

If Saudi Arabia joins BRICS it’s game-over for the US Dollar as two thirds of the world’s population will have the option to buy energy in their native currencies.

If this happens, the USA will no longer enjoy exporting its debt or maintain its record high global trade deficits.  Furthermore, if BRICS+ nations follow Russia’s lead in adopting a non-fiat digital currency backed by gold and other natural resources, the USA and European financial systems will be thrown into a death spiral of non-payable debt and currency debasement.

The only alternative at that point will be for the “Corporate USA” to be dissolved once and for all, releasing the GCR gold-backed USTN and the General Redemptions of Historical Bonds & Currencies. 

The PetroDollar is not a formal market or a currency. It is an idiom (catchphrase) that became popular financial vernacular since the 1970’s. The term simply refers to global oil and gas contracts transacted in US Dollars. More importantly, it supports continuous, strong demand for USD worldwide in order to settle these contracts allowing the USA to export its debt by selling US Treasury Bonds (debt) abroad.

As the world’s largest exporter of oil, Saudi Arabia is the lynchpin of the “PetroDollar” system. 

If Saudi Arabia joins BRICS+ and pivots away from issuing contracts in USD, global demand for US treasury bonds with decrease significantly causing treasury yields (interest rates on USA debt) to skyrocket. Additionally, the need for nations to hold US Dollars as sovereign currency reserves will decrease in favor of other Reserve Assets.

This means that many countries will begin to sell their Dollar reserves on the open market (the EuroDollar system) creating an oversupply of dollars and under supply of demand for dollars.

Thus begins the collapse of the USD globally leaving the US Treasury unable to pay the high interest rates on its debts.

Game Over. Enter the end of the FED and the introduction of the new, asset-backed USTN currency and our GCR General Redemptions.