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Global Currency Reset/RV Live Call with Deb and Sean (aka Awake-in-3D)
Show #9: “Making This Our Last Weekend in the Global Fiat Currency Regime ~ Let’s Do This!”
Live this Sunday, January 24, 2016 – 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST
RV/GCR Updates, News, Multidimensional & Humanitarian Relevance and more!

Open Live Q&A for GCR/IQD-Land Not to be missed!
Join hosts, commentators, transitional bridges and researchers, Sean (Awake-In-3D) and Deb  for a no holds barred, open discussion about all things RV/GCR…including the multi-dimensional energetics, the esoteric AND how this GCR affects the microcosm and macrocosm of the mass consciousness, including humanity’s awakening journey and our transcendence from “the enslavement matrix!”
During this show:
Many shifts are now afoot in the global financial world – shifts even the controlled mainstream media cannot cover up. We will discuss these important events including the continuing “soft crash” of global markets, oil’s continuing slide, China’s currency divergence with the U.S. Dollar and more.
The Global Currency Reset plan is unfolding right before our very eyes as the Fiat currency regime of enslavement is being surreptitiously dismantled step by step in our physical reality.
As the new “One-Percenters”, it is imperative to remain steadfast in holding our alignment with the vibration of wealth and maintain a focused intention on completion and holding space for those involved in the final logistical and administrative steps in the GCR process.
We are proclaiming and holding as part of this New Earth Unified Field, that , “This will be our last weekend under the Fiat Currency enslavement system”. Let’s do this!
Timing of Caller Q&A:
We will open up the Q & A queue 30-45 minutes into the first hour so that YOU can engage with us and the other listeners.
Topics to Be Covered:
Current Events & Updates from around the world
The volatility of the markets and what that has to do with the GCR
How we, as the “New One Percenters” (1%-ers), can assist energetically in completing the GCR process
Focused Intention with your thoughts and your creation energies through the vibration energy of “taking a stand that this is done” is what is necessary
The timeline of this week and weekend’s window and YOU staying focused right now is critical.
NOTE: This show is for informational/opinion purposes only and does not offer or sell any products or services and is not affiliated with any financial entity or currency dealer or site.  Deb and Sean are not professional financial or tax-related advisors.

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