Bluwolf The Times of Victory Are Approaching Now

Recaps note: This was sent to us from a third party, not directly from Bluwolf.

Just in from Bluwolf


Attention everyone … well this blessing is about to begin.


Be prepared with documents in hand. All changes will be made by HSBC or WF. You need two forms of ID with photos, two forms that identify your residence, birth certificate. Need an area code of the state y’all want to switch to.


As I told you earlier, we are almost ready to receive this blessing, according to the Pentagon, we are minute by minute in this aiming to receive the 800 at any moment.


Getting the arks of change ready for Monday to Tuesday of this week. Others are also informing them the same thing I had already warned them and that’s confirmation.


Now don’t fill my phone with calls because they are already on alert, I just ask you to pray that there is no attempt to obstruct any. The rats will be high and comfortable and I understand Zimbabwe will be changed like this without any zeros elimination. I understand it will be based on 1-1 USTN.


Reno already has his money in his coffers, the codes are activated, just a sequence is missing that would start everything. EVERYTHING = PP, PRIVATE PLACEMENTS, GCR, SAINT GERMAIN TRUST (everything that is going to emerge comes out of this trust period. )WHICH TOOK OVER 400 YEARS TO BE DISTRIBUTED, THE GCR<, THE RV OF ALL 209 COUNTRIES.


History may forget me or Bruce, Cap, Okie, Studley, Stewart, James Mendez, even Terry K, but you know they just like me never sold them dreams and never lost faith to this GOD’S BLESSING to this human Age.


The times of victory are approaching now I just recommend you to be with a little box prepared in a corner of your room to start your business trip.


Be blessed and stay alert. But that if you are prudent and do not despair because that is not what God expects of you. And as a spiritual being I can assure you that if they despair, then criticize, then doubt and that only interrupts the arrival of this blessing, you are either the wick of light or you are the wick of destruction. Which one are you.