The heart of what’s going on here is the CBI…No one has really thought about why that dirty float is in place.  We call it a dirty float simply because it’s a controlled float.  It doesn’t go with the markets.  It’s being administered/managed in my opinion correctly.  They have a goal to accomplish and the only way for them to do that is to keep the value of it down…They understand that the day will come when the change in that currency is going to occur.  To accomplish that though, the CBI has to have a reservoir of a certain amount of money.

Which we already know they’ve accomplished and they must begin to reduce the note count, which we already know it’s accomplishing.  And the price of oil which has been the primary source of money infusing into their system right now is relatively high.  But they also know that’s going to go down.  So the time’s coming when all of this is going to shift…the CBI is the administrative adjunct in this whole thing.  They’re the ones that when they say they’re going to do something, so far they’ve done it and it’s been pretty dang amazing.

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