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I did see something today that could be a game changer for us all…you see the IMF keep saying…that they are not negotiating with Iraq per loans at this time right?
Article: “Officials expect revenues exceeding $100 billion from the sale of 600 thousand state-owned property
It’s been in the news…Iraq gov gonna sell off some properties and land to fill the deficit.
Whats the deficit like $ 20 billion?

If they do this sale they will receive in excess of 100 billion dollars USD approximately according to their news… the CBI reserves are like 58 billion or so right as of now?  add a 100 billion USD to that after this sale…
what if the sale of this real estate was so big a 100 BILLION big…that it made their reserves almost 160 billion hmmmm USD riddle me that batman lol.
think of the repercussions of that huge reserve amounts and to their exchange rates as well as economy and businesses to jump start all the factories and industries…
I could see they could set a nice rate or possibly reinstate it but as usual you have to wait it out.