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Iraqi News Friday AM 1-8-21

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Parliamentary Finance Reveals The Most Prominent Axes That It Intends To Study In The Budget

Political| 05:04 – 08/01/2021   BAGHDAD – Mawazine News  The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Friday, the axes that it intends to study in the general budget.

A member of the committee, Deputy Adnan Al-Zorfi, said, according to the official agency, that “the financial committee has nothing to do with drawing the features of the budget, but rather the government that draws the features and trends of the budget as an executive policy and the authority of the cabinet.”

Al-Zarfi added, “The Financial Committee is trying to reconsider this budget, and notice whether there are deviations in expenditures, and if there are also deficiencies in the ministries’ production process, increasing revenues in ministries, and monitors spending operations, and the distribution of national wealth to sectors and to the governorates. And the ministries, and monitor internal and external borrowings, which may be misused in any project, “noting that” these axes that will be studied by the Finance Committee. ”

He pointed out that “Iraq has high indebtedness and needs additional revenues, and I believe an increase in the price of the dollar or an increase in the price of oil comes in covering the large deficit in the budget.”

The House of Representatives had set tomorrow, Saturday, the date to discuss the 2021 budget. Ended 6/29 N

In Numbers … Indicators Of The Trading Sessions Of The Iraq Stock Exchange During The First Week Of 2021

Economie| 01:59 – 01/08/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The Iraq Stock Exchange revealed, on Friday, the trading indicators for its sessions during the first week of the new year 2021.

The media office of the market stated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of, that “the Iraq Stock Exchange was organized during the first week of The month of January 2021, three trading sessions, from Monday, 01/04/2021, to Thursday, 01/07/2021, during which official holidays were interspersed on Sunday 01/03/2021 on the occasion of the New Year’s Day holidays and Wednesday, January 06 / 2021 for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi army. ”

The statement added, “This week, during which the indicators below were achieved:

  1. The number of shares traded during this week reached more than (1) billion shares
  2. The value of shares traded this week amounted to more than (1) billion dinars.
  3. The index closed trading in the market for the first session of the week at (500.80) points, while the index closed at the end of the week at (493.39) points, achieving a decrease of (1.50%) from its close in the first session.
  4. During the week, more than (1000) sale and purchase contracts were executed on the shares of companies listed on the market.

Hussein Al-Aqabi To / NINA /: It Is Not Possible To Achieve Economic Stability With Tax Evasion And Plundering Money

Friday 08, January 2021 14:08 | Economical Views: 287   Baghdad / NINA / Representative of the National Approach Bloc, Hussein Al-Oqabi, affirmed that: It is not possible to reach economic stability with the existence of tax evasion and the plunder of money in this great way.

He told the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) that the restructuring of the Iraqi economy requires a great austerity process to preserve public funds in light of the limited capabilities.

He added, “We have to fight financial and administrative corruption and public waste, and we rely on investment and support for the private sector, agriculture and other vital sectors through which the country can be saved within a year or two.”   Al-Uqabi continued that: Getting to with a very large financial interest lies in implementing these measures

Finance Announces A Meeting Next Week On Increasing Interest From An Exchange Rate Adjustment

Friday 08, January 2021 10:09 | Economical Views: 714   Baghdad ( NINA ) – The Ministry of Finance announced that it will hold a meeting next week on increasing interest from adjusting the exchange rate.

She stated in a statement that she: is fully aware that there are a number of supportive measures that need to be taken to increase the positive effects of adjusting the exchange rate, which it has not been able to do publicly due to the sensitivity of the issue and because the budget must be approved first by the Council of Ministers.

And she added: It led extensive discussions in the past weeks after the approval of the budget by the Council of Ministers on the follow-up to adjusting the exchange rate with many parties inside and outside the government, and these discussions will culminate next week with a proposed expanded meeting with the main economic actors from the public and private sector, where the Ministry of Finance will develop its detailed policy program. Designed to maximize the benefits of adjusting the exchange rate.

The Ministry expressed its hope that these procedures will coincide with discussions within the House of Representatives on the budget. / End 3

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