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Iraqi News Monday AM 8-31-20

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Dollar Exchange Rates In The Iraqi Market

Pratha News Agency97 2020-08-31  The exchange rates of the dollar stabilized in the main stock markets and local markets today, Monday (August 31, 2020)  Al-Kifah Stock Exchange recorded 122,850 dinars against 100 US dollars.

They are the same as last Saturday.  Selling prices in exchange shops in the local markets in Baghdad

The sale price is 123,500 dinars per $ 100

Purchase price: 122,500 dinars per $ 100

Iraq Offers NATO A Long-Term Plan

Time: 08/31/2020 15:27:30 Read: 689 times  (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Chief of Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah, held a TV episode with the political advisor to NATO and a number of officers at the NATO headquarters in his meeting with the commander of NATO in Iraq, Major General Jenny Krenyan, in the presence of An assistant for training, deputy commander of the ground forces, and a number of staff officers at the Chief of Staff.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Defense, the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of the call, “a number of issues of interest that are in the interest of the military establishment, as the two sides stressed the need for continuity and bilateral cooperation in order to develop the joints of the military establishment.”

During the meeting, the Army Chief of Staff affirmed “two main points, namely training and institutional reform through developing a long-term plan and in several stages in cooperation with NATO, with the results assessing the end of each stage.”

For his part, the political advisor and the officers of the NATO supreme headquarters affirmed the “commitment of NATO to support Iraq by providing advice and a future vision for expanding the mission’s work in Iraq and in consultation with the defense ministers of the alliance.”

The political advisor added, “The mission in Iraq is a non-combat force whose aim is to provide advice and help in setting up institutional reform plans, and it continues to support training institutions.

NATO is aware of all needs and requirements that the military institution needs by communicating with the commander of the NATO mission in Iraq, which in turn.” She is communicating with all the security leaderships in Iraq.  LINK

Poland Pledges To Help Iraq Remove Its Name From The List Of High Risk Countries

Time: 08/31/2020 14:09:10 Read: 1,781 times  (Baghdad: Al Furat News) Poland pledged to assist Iraq to remove its name from the list of high risk countries in the issue of money laundering and terrorist financing.

A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, “The Chargé d’Affairs in Poland, Hussain Mansour Al-Safi, met in the main building of the Polish Ministry of Finance with (Piotr Dziedzic) who is the Inspector General for Financial Information Affairs in addition to his other positions as Deputy Polish Finance Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Financial Treasury in the Republic of Poland. .

The statement added that “the decision recently taken by the European Commission, which includes the inclusion of Iraq in the list of high-risk countries, on the issue of money laundering and terrorist financing,” was mentioned, indicating its “opposition to the Iraqi government’s efforts in this regard at the local and international levels.”

The statement quoted Al-Safi as stressing “the strength of the bilateral relations that bind both the republics of Iraq and Poland at all levels.”

For his part, the Polish Deputy Minister of Finance expressed his “full understanding of the Iraqi government’s efforts in this regard,” pledging to “make efforts and take necessary measures by his country’s government to raise the name of Iraq among the list of high-risk countries in the European Union.”  LINK

Parliamentary Committee: “An Ambiguous Session” Behind The Renewal Of Licenses For Telecom Companies

Reports  Economy News – Baghdad  A member of the Parliamentary Media and Communications Committee, Alaa al-Rubaie, said that the renewal of the licenses of mobile phone companies took place in an ambiguous session of the Prime Minister’s sessions.

Al-Rubaie added, in a statement followed by Al-Eqtisad News, that renewing licenses for telecommunications companies in Iraq is a “waste of public money” because their services are not commensurate with the profits they achieve.

He pointed out that “one of the cabinet sessions witnessed the addition of a clause renewing the licenses of telephone companies on the morning of the session, but it is customary to add the paragraphs of the sessions 48 hours before they are discussed by cabinet members, which raises many doubts,” as he put it.

Al-Rubaie revealed that a telecom company made $ 500 million in profits during the first half of 2020, indicating that “the political influence and the collusion of the Media and Communications Commission with telecommunications companies are behind the renewal of licenses.”

He pointed out that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi did not respond to calls from Parliament warning about the “dangers” of renewing licenses for telecommunications companies, indicating that “whoever checks the accounts of telecommunications companies in Iraq is an unlicensed and unregistered Jordanian company.”

In the year 2019, the Parliamentary Communications and Media Committee called on the Media and Communications Commission to provide it with contracts for mobile phone companies to check its terms, but the Commission apologized by saying: “We are unable to supply the license contract due to the nature and privacy of the information contained therein …. It may directly affect the security and stability of the state in addition to other aspects. Competitive economic and trade …

In turn, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Media and Communications Commission, Adel Al-Dhahabi, indicated that some representatives receive false information related to poor services provided by telecommunications companies.

He stressed that “the authority diagnoses poor services and imposes heavy financial penalties on violating companies.”

Al-Dhahabi stated that “there are matters outside the will of companies and outside the authority of the authority, especially with regard to the age of companies’ work licenses, as they are subject to a global system.”

He stressed that “the current amount of extending business licenses of $ 233 million is not considered a final amount. Approximately $ 120 million will be added to it if companies operate fourth generation services.”

A member of the board of trustees revealed that “the communication companies asked the authority to ban free communication applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger, after their revenues decreased.”

And the Iraqi government decided, at an earlier time, to extend the license of mobile phone companies in Iraq for a period of 8 years in exchange for paying the three companies (50%) of their debts estimated at more than (1,400,000,000) billion dollars, while the other half shall be paid in installments over subsequent years.

The Court of First Instance of Al-Karkh issued a state order stopping the decision to renew the contracts for mobile phone licenses, following an invitation filed by a member of Parliament, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani.

Number of observations: 126, date of addition, 08/31/2020

Al-Rafidain: 50 Million Loans Allocated For Construction Include Employees And Citizens

Banks  Economy News – Baghdad  Al-Rafidain Bank announced, on Monday, that 50 million loans for construction in a plot of land include employees and retirees.

The media office of the bank said in a statement received by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “the loan is disbursed in two installments, so the first payment will be 25 million upon completion of the vowel and the second payment of 25 million upon roofing.”  The statement added: “An employee or citizen can apply for the loan through the bank’s branches located in Baghdad and the provinces.”

Number of observations 69 date of addendum 08/31/2020

Iraq And Iran Resume Trade Through The Shalamjah Port

Alshalamcheh outlet   Money  and business  Economy News – Baghdad  Assistant Investment and Business Development in the Arvand Free Zone in Iran, Ali Mousavi, said Monday that commercial activities have resumed and goods exported from the Shalamcheh border crossing with Iraq after a two-day holiday.

Mousavi stated that, according to the agreement reached with the Iraqi side, economic activity and the export of goods had stopped on Saturday and Sunday, coinciding with the ninth and tenth of Muharram, and no commercial exchange took place on these borders during these two days, according to the Iranian IRNA agency.

He added that the Shalamjah international outlet reopened this morning, and merchants and businessmen resumed their commercial activities between the two countries, pointing to the export of non-oil goods, including foodstuffs, fruits, vegetables, protein materials and technical and engineering services to Iraq, from the borders of Shalamjah, according to the agreement reached. To him with the Iraqi side.

It is noteworthy that exports of non-oil goods resumed from the Shalamjah borders on July 8, after a four-month closure due to the spread of the Coronavirus, during which 21 thousand tons of non-oil goods, worth 95 million dollars, were exported to Iraq.

The Shalamjah international border crossing is located 20 km from Basra, southern Iraq, and 15 km west of the Iranian city of Khorramshahr.

It is noteworthy that more than 200 trucks carrying various types of goods were entering the Shalamjah border crossing before the crossing was closed by Iraq, and also 150 Iraqi trucks entered the Shalamjah border checkpoint daily to unload and load the goods.  Number of observations 60 Date of addendum 08/31/2020

Transportation: Railways With Iran And Kuwait Are Not Proposed For The Time Being

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad  The Ministry of Transport confirmed, on Monday, that the rail link with Iran and Kuwait is not proposed at the present time.

In a statement seen by Al-Eqtisad News, the ministry stated, “The General Railway Company is seeking to upgrade its level, maximize its resources, and turn it into a profitable company, similar to the rest of the ministry’s companies, by exploiting the railway network that extends to most regions in Iraq.”

She added, “The company is also seeking to open marketing outlets due to the negative impact that Mubarak Port in Kuwait causes on Iraqi navigation and the failure to complete the construction of the large Faw port until now.”

She pointed out that “the issue of the railway connection with Kuwait and Iran is not on the table at the present time,” and that “the General Company for Railways is purely technical and professional.”

And she continued, “Linking with neighboring countries is a sovereign decision that falls within the jurisdiction of the higher political parties represented by the Council of Ministers and Representatives.”

She pointed out that “there is no agreement to connect the railways with Kuwait. Rather, what exists is studies only, and with the Iranian side there is a memorandum of understanding signed during the period of the previous government to link with Iran, but it was not put into practice.”

She noted that “the implementation of the link with the Iranian side is not included in the investment platform, which is usually approved by the Ministry of Planning and does not exist as an investment opportunity.”

Number of observations 84 Date of addendum 08/31/2020

Source: The French President Will Visit Baghdad Next Wednesday

Monday 31, August 2020 15:20 | PoliticalViews: 86   Baghdad ( NINA ) – A government source revealed that French President Emmanuel Macron will make his first official visit to Baghdad next Wednesday.

The source pointed out in a press statement that: “The visit of the French president to Baghdad expresses the stand by the country in the face of the crisis afflicting it.”

He added, “Macron will meet with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and President Barham Salih, and it is hoped that he will hold talks with active politicians.” /

An Economist Alerts The Government: The Real Poverty Rate In Iraq Is Around 40 Percent

Monday 31, August 2020 11:22 | EconomicalViews: 220  Baghdad / NINA / The expert on economic affairs, Raad Twig, called on the government to adopt a new strategy to reduce poverty and unemployment in Iraq.

Twig said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ): “Jenin in Bucharest, the representative of the United Nations in Iraq, announced earlier that the poverty rate in Iraq had increased by about 10%, and if this percentage was added to the published rates of poverty by the Ministry Planning last year, which was 22%, becomes 32%, which is a very large percentage that deserves the government’s attention. ”

He pointed out: “The real percentage is higher and within 40% due to the Corona pandemic and the drop in oil prices, so the government must follow a new strategy to reduce poverty and keep Iraqis away from its plan as much as possible and reduce deprivation.” / End8

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