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Have not seen articles like this is a very very long time…

the central bank is the only body that pumps dollars for the domestic market which creates confusion…

This is a very very bold statement.

The reason it creates confusion is cause the people in Iraq have not figured it outthey don’t know why the value of their currency is rising and it’s because of the US dollar.

Why are they throwing US dollars into their economy when they have their own currency? Well, you and I know.

This makes me very very happy. It’s coming to an end.

simply because of some of the maneuvers they are using, they can’t hide anymore. What are they maneuvering?  They are lowering the note count and there is a ripple effect. Some positive some of it’s negative.

Some people don’t know what’s going on so they’re saying “Hey, we should put some more dollars in because there is not enough liquidity in the markets for the people to spend and buy and for their economy to move.  They don’t realize that the CBI has an agenda.

They are going to add value to their currency and to do that they have to take the US dollar out.  The CBI can bring the US dollar in and they can bring the US dollar out.

It’s called [indirect tools] it’s not the natural market.  This is very exciting!