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This is an official statement from the CBI…they are going to issue the 50K dinar note.

But before you get your underwear all bunched up in a wad and panic…all that tells us is that it doesn’t devalue the currency that you and I have…it doesn’t mean there not going to revalue their currency…it just means that it’s going to float.

This is an indicator on whether it’s going to revalue at 1 buck and 1 shot as a crunch down on liquidity or are they still going to float it and the value is going to go up very slowly and so that’s our answerthey are adding the 50K dinar note and the 100K dinar note.

The next logical question is, “are they adding to the note count?” NO, they are NOT.  So you have to look at it as a balance. They probably took off a certain amount of 25K notes and they issued these notes to balance it out.

The statement from the CBI is to get rid of 70% of the currency (liquidity) that’s out there and then go from there…we’ve been watching that. This hasn’t changed anything.