In Breitling

We are kicking butt and taking names in Iraq. Don’t get too stuck on $55 [price per barrel] that it has to be there. I say you change the value of the currency before that but that’s just me…If it goes below…what they need for price per barrel for the country to function…they’re definitely going to need to add value to their currency to be able to make up for that…This is the language coming out of the committees…they are looking at being able to do business with the west. And they’re looking at sidetracking any policy that OPEC gets together and we’ll see what they do.  Nobody knows what they’ll do. This is the language.  The other thing is ok, they’re in the…western markets, ‘why don’t we start adding value to our currency so we can get that much more into our markets.’  Do you see what I’m saying?  That’s what they’re talking about.  That’s the language that they’re using. How they’ll do it?  When they’ll do it? [He doesn’t know either]  But everything is in place exactly what we’ve been talking about.  We’re watching it like we’re supposed to and that’s all we can do. I’m very very happy about what’s going on.