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I get this email a lot and please don’t take this personally, “I’m going through hard times…do you have a date and rate?  Make me feel good. I don’t.

I do have a rate based on the numbers that we are looking at and that’s it. The best date that we have was before 2010. In that year they were supposed to get out of Chapter 7 and what were they supposed to do? 

What we’ve been watching…they were to start reducing the note count and it was going to be a 1 to 2 year process.  Just like the 1 or 2 year process we are going through now except it was supposed to start in 2010.

That’s it. That’s the best I’ve got…I look at the numbers under a microscope a little bit more than everybody else.  There is no magic date, you just watch the process and it’s a big heavy process and it’s not small.

Have you seen anything that says they’ve added to the note count? No, nothing, there is not one shred of evidence that they are adding to the note count.

From the original statement of the General who actually put out the new currency you and I have, the new Iraqi dinar, made a statement, “at one time the Iraqi Dinar was $3.25.

So that ends that debate…you have the guy who put the currency out for the new government of Iraq (at the time was the coalition government) saying their goal is to get to $3.25 (but at that time they were at a billion notes).  Nothing has changed.