Even though it has been relatively quiet for a lot of people, what we have received has been very good for us. We did hear Iraq put their budget which was passed in the Gazette yesterday. I do not know if everything they have done has been released to the world yet which is fine. At this point it is a moot point. We are not waiting on Iraq for anything… Guess what? For them to have a budget and to have it passed,  they had to have a new rate which they do. I know the rate which are on the screens at the banks now.  I know the rate for the Dong now. …I mean this is happening. The rates are there. They are live.  They are pulsing at the regular intervals, making the changes relatively every 18 minutes. That is normal. …I am excited for us, guys. I am very excited for what is coming… I am excited because everything is in position to go.  We should be on our way shortly. Let’s see what happens.