In Bruce

Sometimes i get information that is a little better than normal or it is different or gives us indication that something has happened that we didn’t know about before. That is sort of what happened today. We got little bits and pieces of things that pointed together the timing which is in this week. It may not even not be two days away.  It is that close. We are looking forward to possibly 3 different announcements coming together for us the next day or so.

My understanding was you have an Internationally known rate on their dinar. Did you realize Vietnamese Dong is going to be fairly close to the rate of the Iraqi Dinar on the front screens? I mean it could get within 8% to 10% of the Dinar. In fact China wanted the Dong to be on par with the Dinar, but i think it is going to be within 8% to 10% of it. So, I will say this, the Dinar is fast approaching $7.00. That will give you some idea what I am talking about. We are looking very strong for the remainder of this week. I am going to say I am encouraged. I am excited.