You guys remember the Mueller Investigation that made the news since Sunday…I can tell you this much from my understanding that needed to complete before we went. Before our exchanges…I didn’t know about it until yesterday.  …now that is complete… From my understanding the President had a very good phone call Sunday with Tier 1 Bank leaders, five Tier 1 banks, and told them now this has happened and the investigation is over and everything is looking good, you can let it go.

So, I am glad that it is over and we are moving forward, and I am glad this blessing will be able to come now.  The rates on the bank screens were gone…These rates for these currencies show the name of the currencies, no rates, but just a pending that was flashing…By the way there are 14 currencies that are revaluing. That means going up in value… Could they be on the screens by 9:00 am in the banks? Yes. I would expect it. Not guaranteed, but I would expect it. Could they be the new rates that we have been looking for? Yes. I believe so. I believe we should be moving forward here fairly soon…we are definitely in the process. It has started.

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