We are right now…what I would call the end of the ride.  The reason I say that and why I am jacked up about everything is we had heard back on Tuesday …I had heard the fact this thing was close, that the 800 numbers were coming, and I even had days of Friday and Saturday… The truth of the matter is there are things happening…Where do we stand now?  The Iraqi Dinar finally made it to the…the Forex and to the Bank screens…around the globe internationally it is visible… You can see it on Forex. You can see it on your bank screen if you are a banker…it should be tradable internationally… tonight [Thursday].

It is currently on the Bank screens at $7.62, and it should elevate…It is projected to get to $7.92 tomorrow [Friday] afternoon. Iraq is supposed to put everything they have in the Gazette Saturday morning Iraqi time…No, we do not have to wait on them.  That is good…the Dong is projected tomorrow [Friday] afternoon, this is what I was told, $5.48…Am I calling it? I am doing my best not to call it. It is what it is. Take that for what it is, and we will see how that plays out… I am excited about where we are.