In Bruce 

What we’re hearing is very encouraging and yes today is the first day of the new fiscal year – first day of the 4th quarter of the calendar year and it is the first day where we have the Quantum Financial System completely autonomous  apart from the SWIFT System…Now – Iraq…was to put out their new international rate on the Iraqi Dinar – We got that information yesterday that it yes in fact had happened – that was out…Now we also heard there was an international rate established that even in country – in… Iraq – was even a little higher than what Shabibi predicted the Dinar could support in US dollars  – so that was encouraging.

We also heard that the IMF and United Nations both encouraged Iraq to go ahead and celebrate their new revalued Dinar…this coming Saturday…So we understand that rate is known internationally – however – we tend not to bring something from Iraq that’s known in Iraq or Middle East or internationally here to the United States until we are ready to go – and that is probably the situation now…Basically  we are in the process – it did start – It’s coming east to west…we are looking at very early next week for our start.