In Bruce 

Iraq…should be in a good position with the budget having been read three times it can be put into law and then of course it can be revealed in the gazette…Wednesday and Saturday are the two days that Iraq prints out their official record called the Gazette…the problem is if they passed their budget and the budget is printed – or even if it’s available on line – on the digital version – of the gazette – the people will see it and be able to see the rate of the Dinar relative to the budget for 2021… so it’s sort of a dead giveaway – what makes it interesting is – they have held it back – obviously withholding  it from us – we have a team over there that was helping them go through the final aspects of the re-evaluation of their currency – there are several theories of how it will come out … We’ll see what happens in the next couple of days – as far as we know everything is set and ready to go  – we’re not going to know “exactly” until it happens.