In Bruce 

I told you Tuesday that the faucets were starting to be turned off as far as intel – at least from some of the bank sources we have – they have all but gone away…they all have disappeared…people are on zip lip/lock jaw…or a Gag Order – NDA’s – you know – it’s getting tight…this is kinda of a good thing –It’s a good indicator because in one sense even though we are not getting any information it looks like we are very very close…what we thought would happen on… Tuesday night…was that Iraq was supposed to come out with their new rate – whether it was in the budget – whether it was actually brought out – and put up on screens – so that we would see it – that did not happen.

I am convinced it will NEVER happen – UNTIL –until the US says go ahead and put it out…our contact in Fallujah…said that he would let us know Saturday or Sunday morning what happened with the rate…could they change it on Saturday in time to make the change for business on Sunday? …it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen then – it’s our next window if you will – for a change of the Iraqi Dinar…we are still on a very close day by day… so let’s just stay patient…and we look forward for this blessing to come through.

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