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We heard yesterday that Iraq’s financial and monetary reforms have been announced by Abadi in Iraq.
This is what would serve as the international announcement that their currency is internationally tradable.
Their key cards funded, pre-paid debit cards can be used anywhere in the world. Some in US received key cards.
We knew one individual received with back pay on his key card all the way back to January.
We knew he had rate over $5.
Since then the rate has gone up higher.
We are in situation now we are in the calm before the storm.
We know even though we don’t have specific dates and times, we can talk about or know for fact that there has been things said that indicate we are exactly at the right place at the right time…

That we are truly, (based on the evidence,) at the end of the ride to receive this blessing very shortly based on evidence even through tonight.
I am excited, encouraged.