Yesterday we understood our President along with Steven Munchin, our Treasury Secretary, and Mike Pompeo, our Secretary of State that we had some interesting couple of phone calls in the morning with China, with President Xi and the Minister of Finance. They were very positive calls. As a result there was an encrypted letter sent all the way to the West coast, the Big R, and it was more or less, I believe, it was instruction of the timing to release everything.

We had back…this past Sunday…information that talked about dates. We had information that talked about the 7th and 8th, tomorrow [Wednesday] and Thursday. I feel like that is probably in the right realm where we should be. So I feel like we’re in the place where things could happen. We know Iraq is done. We have a rate…that is solid on the front screens at the bank. It is solid and it reflects which is going to be seen if it is not seen already, on the CBI site… I think everything is coming together nicely…we are pretty much lined up and ready to start.