Every time we think Iraq is out of the way and complete we find no they needed to do one more thing… It seems like the one more thing now is just they need to announce their independence and the fact they have a revalued currency that is tradable worldwide. They just need to say it. It is more of a formality than anything else is where we are right now. Yes, they were supposed to do that this morning [Tuesday]… Why didn’t it happen?  What is happening OPEC is being left with about 4 oil producing countries in the organization? It is coming apart. What is happening is the US is getting bigger and bigger in oil. We are almost controlling the price of oil now whereas before Saudi Arabia was controlling the price.

We got oil prices dropping below $50. That is putting a squeeze on Iraq to get done what they need to do in terms of making this announcement. It just might be right where it needs to be to get them to do that. If prices go down too much more, it is going to really bust their budget which is based on oil at a certain price which I thought was in the $44 – $46 barrel range for their budget. So, this is really important. We are getting down to the wire that they need to do that. They need to release this information and get it done. I believe that was the one thing we were waiting for out of Iraq.

The one thing we were waiting here [U.S.] today and I believe we got it today. That one thing had to do with renewing an Executive Order by the President that expired yesterday [Monday] that needed to be reintroduced or re-extended as of today. …I believe that is what may put us over the edge as far as being ready to go. I have been told they will do it in the next couple of days. They will do this final announcement of their rate and the announcement in fact they are a sovereign nation with a world exchangeable currency. Then guys we should be Go Time. I can’t give you a date or time for it, but I believe we are coming in where now does President Trump want this to go before Christmas? Yes. Is this supposed to be our week to go? Yes.