We do not normally do rates, but I will tell you this…the dong has been going up in value. The dong was in just under the $5 range today. Just under $5 on the front screen. I can’t tell you where the dinar is on the front screen right now, because I do not know that number. …We have been told that the rates for these currencies should be updated and new by this afternoon [Thursday]. That is usually a good sign of things happening on the Forex, on the World Markets. I know that was the intention.

We know that the timing of this is designed. I am pointed toward before Christmas…That is the information I am getting. I am not getting for us that is pointing to after the first of the year or after Christmas. I have heard this is intended to go by or before Saturday…Intention of this White House of our President Trump is to let us have this for us before Christmas. I am encouraged by the fact that we are there. We have a rough time frame that we think is still intact.

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