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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 8-9-22

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, August 9th and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call – whether you be live or whether you are listening on the replay we appreciate it from wherever you’re tuned in all over the globe – so thanks again for listening

Now, when this thing goes, which I’m going to tell you that in a couple of minutes, when this thing goes, money is not going to be the object is it? You’re going to have plenty of money – But don’t forget your health. You’re going to have all the money in the world. You’re going to have your time back.

You don’t have to have a job if you don’t want to if you’re doing humanitarian projects.  What you’re primarily doing is you’re a founder or creator of these projects – and once you find and create a leadership team, to take your ideas forward to take your plan to take your projects and put them into action.   You know, you’re just there to watch, to tweak, to tweak to give input.

It’s not like you’ve got to go out there and dig ditches, run wire, you know, put up foundation walls, you know, that’s all going to be done by other people. But all you’re doing is saying this is what I’d like to have done – this is how we want to do it – and if you’re in rebuild America, you’ll have some ideas on just how to be effectual in getting your project started.

I’ll tell you more about rebuild America when this is done and when you get emails from us after this goes – you know you guys will be able to see what it is we’re going to create. And it’s going to take a little bit of time – So go ahead – Start looking for your ideal place to live – whether you want to fix up where you are now or whether you want to move that’s cool.

If you want to get a ride or two get two cars, for the first six months. They don’t want you to buy like a full car collection. They want you to get like maybe one or two new rides. Okay. They want you to get one or two homes, not 15 homes. Okay.

There’s there is a slight – I don’t want to call it control – but there is some what they do want to restrict us somewhat for the first six months on what we can buy and spend – and all that – how much we spend how much we have access to.

They want to “regulate”, not restrict – “regulate” – Right, that’s good. They do want to regulate – hopefully they don’t restrict this exactly.  So that’s really an important part of it.

Now let’s cut to where the Intel is for us now. We have heard and I think I mentioned this on last Thursday’s call that we had two separate contacts in Iraq, that were telling us that we were one and a half days away from having everything done in Iraq, meaning that their rate would be out.

That would have meant – that would have been by the weekend – by Sunday anyway – that the rate on the dinar would be out – not to us – we’re not going to see it until after we start exchanging – or when we go in for exchanges. They’re not going to put it out yet here in the US – but we understand that it’s out for trading and was – starting Sunday night.

And our USN digital version of the currency was also out Sunday for trading with these international gold backed and asset backed currencies.

Now the other thing was the never haven’t seen the manifestation of this, but our new USTN currency – our new money – our folding paper money – I thought would have the United States Treasury note written on it.

Evidently it does not have that. It doesn’t have Federal Reserve Note either. All it has is for example, if it’s $100 Bill, where the Federal Reserve Note was it will say in printing in full words – one hundred dollars.

Okay, so that’s going to take that place and then the pictures of the President’s will be shifted further to the left and there won’t be a ring around that oval ring around the portrait. That was symbolic of the old USA Inc government and that’s gone.

So we’re going with a little different looking bill. There may be some different colorations in the notes, but it’s not rainbow currency. There is no rainbow currency. It’s slight color variations in each particular note, okay.

So there’ll be some definite distinct changes. I’m sure there’s tons of security features in all of the notes – and that’s going to make it very, very good and very secure. Now that US Treasury note – the physical currency is supposed to be already in our banks, and certainly is in the redemption centers. We know that we’ve known that for months.

So we should – operational word “should” – when we go in for exchanges, they don’t want us to take more than about 2500 to $3,000 in that new cash in those USTN paper money notes, but that they just don’t want us to get ripped off at any point at any time.

So and the other thing regarding security is they – the military and police force in the area of your redemption Center has your back when you come out of the redemption center on the way to home or work. They’ve got you – they sort of have your security in mind for sure – and so we’re going to be learning much more about that in the future.

But what I’m getting right now is Iraq’s thing is done – the government that they’re trying to put back in place this I believe is they may still call it the parliament, but it’s supposed to be two representatives like we have here senators from each state. They would have two representatives from each region or oh shoot, or would we call it from each city major city or area in Iraq. So I don’t know how many total people they’re going to have – but they’re already elected. They’re in the wings right now – they’re standing by as they assemble and put together this new form of government.

Now we understand Hashemi is that – I’m sorry if I’m butchering the name – Hashemi has been elected prime minister and is in position and my understanding is, even without parliament, he can run the government of Iraq until the end of the year – by himself.

So we’ll see if that is the case or whether they have their new version of their government in place or not. And I think it’s going to essentially follow very closely the type of Restored Republic that we are in the midst of going to Alright, so let’s get back into where we are.

We understand and I’ve talked to you about bondholders for a long time now, the facilitators or intermediaries, or introducers that introduced bond sellers, and bond buyers. Those guys we call introducers or intermediaries, they have been notified and should have access to funds tomorrow, they were notified should be able to get access to funds tomorrow.

Now tonight and overnight – we are looking for the bondholders to get their notifications with the access codes, so that they can gain access when they get their emails. They can gain access to their funds, and it’ll tell them when they have availability to spend, whether it’s tomorrow, which I think it is, or whether it’s actually on Thursday, that they can actually spend the funds.

Now, the indication I have is that we and this is based on two different sources. We should – should be able to get notified tomorrow afternoon and set appointments tomorrow afternoon for Thursday.

Now this is coming from the redemption centers themselves – with the fact that they have – we know that the schedule is for certain of the staff to go in at noon tomorrow – to take appointments that we would set when we receive our toll free number by email. We’re getting those from the Wells Fargo servers.

Okay, and remember that the so called private group, General’s 64 group from the old days – some of the old timers know that – we had 300,000 names and emails for that – that has been folded into the Wells Fargo servers. Also the admirals group has also their emails have also been folded into the Wells Fargo servers.

So everybody’s going to get an email and that should be about one and a half to 2 million emails – that will go out in five, four or five different tranches, one for the Eastern Time Zone one for Central Time Zone, one for Mountain Time Zone and one for Pacific Time Zone. We believe they’ll come out at the same time in each time zone. That’s what we’ve been told. I thought that to begin with, and they checked on it and they said yeah, that’s how it’s going to happen. So let’s see if that is true. And that’s how it comes out.

So we are looking very strongly right now for everything to come out – Any day now for us really – and it should be that we get something – if everything falls through like it is now – if it follows through, we should get it tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, and then set appointments for Thursday.

That’s what I’ve got in terms of our timing and everything. So realize this – this has been a tough ride – a long ride, guys, and it’s 18 years for me. I don’t know how long it’s been for you. I’ve had the big call for 11 years. Thank God for Bob and Sue that have helped me over the last seven to seven and a half years of this call. And they’ve really helped make it work for us. As you guys know, we’re reaching all the way around the globe. We’ve got listeners that we never had before and a number of countries in their own language – in some cases there were getting it out there and was simultaneous in translation. So that’s been very helpful and good to know.

Right now it is a very important time for you. Because if you haven’t got your projects nailed down, and you’ve got them for a large amount of other currency, you really know that that this is really not just for you, but it’s for humanity. This is good. Yes.

Are you going to be able to get everything that you ever want it for yourself and your family? Yes. But there’s so much more, especially if you’re a Zim holder. There’s so much more because these denominations are such so such large numbers. And listen, you’re not going to be limited to so many million dollars per 100 T note that’s total ******** You guys know what I’m saying?

Those denominations are bearer bonds. If it has $100 trillion on the note, that’s what it’s worth. If it’s got a 50 trillion or 10 trillion a note, that’s what it’s worth. So just be aware that that’s the case. Alright.

So what I want to say is guys, we are I believe, very close.

If the intel that I had today and tonight holds up we’re in really good shape.  Don’t be distracted by what you heard went on yesterday down at Mar a Lago. I can’t comment on it. I know a lot about it. But I’ve been told not to discuss it so I’m not but I can assure you that that could have been a tipping point for all of us. Alright. In a very positive way, by the way, so stay positive about that.

Don’t believe everything you see, and don’t watch the news. Really? I haven’t watched the news in two years. I think every once in a while I catch something but my input comes from other sources. So, guys, that’s what I wanted to say to you tonight.

I’m excited because I think we’re really getting down to what it is we’re called to do here. I’m looking forward to it you guys and you know I am

Okay. So thanks, everybody for listening – and let’s look forward to something very positive happening for us all – Possibly tomorrow afternoon – All right – So let’s do that.


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