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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-6-22


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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it is Tuesday, December 6th  and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in. Thank you for listening wherever you are all over the globe. And we welcome you. We thank you for coming. And we’re looking forward to having a really good call tonight. And we’re excited to have you — All right let’s jump on the intel – here we go –


What we are getting from the redemption center contacts we have is that emails should be coming out fairly mid morning ish tomorrow to let us know what the remaining weeks schedule is for the Redemption Center staff to come in for helping us to set our appointments. Now what part is that?


That part is when we get the toll free numbers, which I’ll get to in a second. When we get those and we make the call to one of four regional call centers  I think they’ve got them set up for time zone  – the main time zones Eastern Central Mountain and Pacific – a call center in each Time Zone


At some point you will enter your zip code for the redemption center close to – meaning where you work or live  and that will compute to what redemption center is the best for you to go to


So then the call center will do one of two things Either, you will be routed directly to that redemption center, while you’re on the phone, and they will help you complete setting your appointment, and you’ll be talking to somebody at some staff member at the redemption center who can set your appointment and give you that information over the phone.


Another option is if they don’t directly connect you or re-route you – if you will – to that redemption center – they will give you a direct line phone number to call – to dial directly to talk to a redemption center staff person – most likely that person will be helping you when you get there to the redemption center to assist you with your currencies, your presentation with everything in terms of setting new accounts and so on.


And I’ll probably briefly go through that with you. Okay, so that’s what that’s what we have to look forward to in terms of setting the appointment. We expect a 1- 800 Number – I don’t know if it’s 1-800 or what it is but should be a toll free  that we should call and then that is the one that gets routed to the redemption center, especially if you are a zim holder  – and when we make this call – I don’t know how automated it’s going to be  initially I think its going to be automated and given a series of numbers based on the currency that you have  and of course you want to let them know that you have zim  – let them know that first and that might automatically route you to that redemption center


You let them know what currencies you are holding and for this purpose we call the zim currency but we know it is a bearer bond  -payable to the bearer.


And so all that’s cool. So I wanted to mention that about setting the appointment. Let’s talk about just go right through it, and okay say the steps to anticipate  as I’ve noted steps.


Step one Make your appointment you have a time you arrive at the redemption center location – that they give you the address for no more than 10 minutes early for your appointment time



Don’t be late or they’ll be thrown in the back of the line and you might not even go that day.  So make sure – You know if you’re somebody who’s always  pushing it – trying to go a little bit more than 10 minutes early for your appointment, and  they don’t want  you hanging around out in the parking lot.


When you go in – They know who the Zim holders are unless you have been gifted the Zim – if you’ve been gifted zim  they may not know you from Adam. Okay, so when you go in they will do KYC know your customers basics.


One photo ID should do it – if you have a passports use it if you have a driver’s license, bring one or both of those, show them who you are. Okay, and we’ll see who you are. And then they might want to see a let’s call it a bill like a power bill, phone bill, electric bill – gas


Something that as your physical home address on it. You have one of those bring that that should be all they need. And then of course they’ll ask at some point, they will ask for your social security number. I think they’ll be doing that to set up our accounts, Some of our actual accounts, but in any event, when you get in there and they check you out and make sure you’re okay good guy. you’re not a bad guy. You’re a good guy.


Okay, at some point, you take your currency and in my case, since I’m going in with my attorney – to help me read we have a total of each currency total in that currency I dinar – dong –  What else did you know? You bought? Zim – Bolivar whatever it is, you know how much of each currency you have.


Now hopefully you have gone through the currencies and got them lined out in terms of denomination. Like put all of the 5000 dinar notes together your 10,000 dinar notes, your 25k notes together, you know, bundled up, and I’ve got it listed out where I know how many million of each there are  and that’s written on the envelopes and all that stuff.


So they’ve got that so when they open the envelope, they know what I say I have in there, but I’ve also got a sheet that I’ll give them that gives them the whole total of every currency. And so they’ll have that agree with whatever I’m handing them unless I’ve made a calculation in adding these  up or counting them – we should have pretty similar results.


Now when they do that they’ll be using  the Delarue machine – when they use the delarue  machine. they will be counting and verifying your currency – counting and verifying, and that goes fast as like through the counting process.


Now when they use that may have one person on that – another person might be assisting – if you’ve got a lot of currency you might need a little extra time but at any event – they’ll be doing that – going through that –



You’re really gonna be talking to them at some point  about the rates – but you’re really going to be talking about rates when it comes to your project and your presentation  – they have mapped out 5-8 minutes for your actual presentation – your project presentation – probably two people – could be as many as four  – so you make that presentation and you’re talking about rates because they want to know if  you are a zim holder – that you are doing projects – because the zim has such high value they want it to go to something good – just  like we do – we want it to go to something more than just ourselves –  it’s a lot of money – to just sit around and light cigars with –


We’re talking about going in – doing that – they’re counting  – your’e doing your project presentation –  and now after that – and you have an idea of what you are going to receive – you’re looking at the full monty – the total thing – the quantum account –


The quantum account is a non interest bearing account – that is basically held by the quantum computers system and system and the US Treasury. And the quantum money is basically backed by our gold. Okay, it’s backed by that


Now. Once you get that quantum number and it’s in your quantum account, remember you’re going to get a special what I call the quantum account, access card. I know it spells qack, but forget that quantum account access card that’s a card that’s three times the thickness of a normal credit card.  Made of titanium – And it has it has three different computer chips in the card. The first one is a biometric fingerprint card so when you go in and get this, you’ll use a fingerprint or a thumb print that will be saved on  the chip  of the access card and the other two chips are for timing of the access maybe I don’t know what the other to do exactly.


But you’ve got this thick card that you have to use to gain access to your quantum account. You don’t ever lose it. You put it in an extremely safe place where you know where it is. I believe you’ll need two passwords to gain access and use that card to check your quantum account and why do you have to move funds from your quantum at your quantum account to what I’m calling your primary account.


The primary account is what I’m calling a holding account for monies that will earn interest – and in my case, you do what you want. In my case I’m going to set up secondary accounts for my project, LLC’s


So each project group has its own limited liability company that’s set up under a master trust. That’s my authority suggested – so I am just going with it. We’ve been doing this for 35 years, and he’s really really good at it. So we set up LLCs to use and now all we have to do is set up brand new, I’m going to use Wells – to set up four separate LLC accounts.


And I’ll move funds probably on day two or day three.


I don’t think I’ll move them on day one at the redemption center. But I think within a couple of days later, I’ll move them from the primary Wells account into the secondary LLC accounts.


And I’m doing one for rebuild America. I’m doing one for the veterans retreat network, one for the pastoral and one for rebuild International, which is the International rebuild projects for Bahamas for the Dominican Republic and for Haiti.


Okay, that’s the start of rebuild international doesn’t mean it ends there, but that’s where I’m going to begin. Okay. And so that’s how I’m setting it up based on my attorneys recommendation. I think it’s a good concept. So Bruce, why aren’t you doing nonprofits? Why aren’t you doing foundations and all that other stuff? Because my attorney suggested it would be better to set them up this way. Now we’re not doing the LLC to make money or to make a profit, because what we’re going to have is the interest that each of those accounts pays out will be the income that the LLC will expense, against that income.


Okay, that’s how I’m setting it up. your attorney may vary your projects may be different, but that’s what I was told over four years ago – And this is what I’m doing –


So you’re moving funds from primary to secondary accounts, so that they can be used and utilized and tracked for your projects. That’s why, you know, if you don’t have any projects, you don’t need them. But if you do projects which I hope 99% of you are doing that you want to set that up that way. All right, let’s go back to where we were.


We’ve gone through the county verification, we’ve done our five eight minute presentation. We’re getting our we’ve got our quantum access card now and now we’re going to get individual debit cards probably tied to that primary account


Now later, you may want to get other credit debit cards, or LLC accounts, but initially, probably a credit or debit card tied to your primary accounts so you can begin spending and buying things immediately


So you’re doing that. You’ve been you’ve got the initial Wells Fargo credit debit card, it’s probably a high end number card. You’re getting that and then after that, you’re going to be handed this book of 55 pages we believe could be longer now of people you are not allowed to give money to – organizations or companies corporations that have been verboten. You’re not allowed to give money to him. And if you do, guess what? You’re Sol – your funds will be seized. Your counsel will be frozen, and you’re back to grading at Walmart or whatever you’re doing. Okay? So don’t let that happen. Read that book carefully and make sure that you don’t get to any of those companies or names. All right.


So you can get that book. You might also get a sheet of two or three pages of perks by being with a certain bank, like Wells or like Bank of America or like Chase or like Citi or like Banco Santander or Santander Bank, as most of us would call it, okay, which is also a tier one bank by the way – but like Banco Santander in there are a couple others Alright, so boom, you got that to that point


I think it’s definitely a question about cash right? We’ve got the new USTN are called the United States Treasury notes – our new currency is out in the redemption centers  And it’s probably in most banks, but they won’t tell you that yet. But that’s coming out soon.



It may come now it should be there when we go in for our appointments. So if you want to take a little cash I would not  go heavy  I would just get no more than 2- 3000 in cash. If you just want to have a little cash, you want to get more cash later. You can always check and go into the bank directly to the branch. Listen guys after this goes, We’re not going to be do doing branch banking, so called retail banking is not on our list. It’s not a part of our bucket list. We’re gonna be working very little with retail banks, and working very closely with our premier bankers with Wells Fargo, and other high level net worth bankers at the other banks, whatever they want to call them.


Okay. Okay, that’s that’s really where it’s going. And that meeting that you might have with that specialty Banker that that Premier Banker  or let’s say, more than likely going to be at a restaurant or some private location if you have a private location.


In other words, you don’t have to go in and stand in front of a teller window you can go in and have a nice meal and get to know this guy or this woman and see what they can help you with If you need any help.


The other thing is when you use that quantum access card, on an account access card when you use that that’s private to you. Nobody knows how much you’ve got in that. Because when these people that exchange us that they they’ve signed NDA so that they are not to disclose any of that transaction that we have with anybody else. It’s just gonna be you and your quantum access card and  in my case my attorney to just check it out. make sure the money is there, and so on – and then we’ll move the money we’ll learn how to do that and we’ll be golden.


Now you want to move money into your primary account on day one at the redemption center. Okay, and you want to move it into that primary account for, if you’re doing projects for what you need for the first 90 days, the first three months.


And then once you do, you start cranking out some basics for your projects. Whatever you are needing  for that. That’s going after the 90 days, you’re able to get access to all of it.


Well the reason that they limit you a little bit to just what you think you need for 90 days, and I would be a little bit liberal with yourself on this. I would take more than you think you need but not by much. Just say what you think you’ll use it don’t use it up. It’s no big deal. But when you when you do that, and let’s say you want you say oh man, I need some expansion in this area or that area or I need it. That’s when you move money from your quantum accounts back into your primary account. And then you can settle that and move some of that into your secondary LLC accounts.


Okay, in my case, that’s how I’m doing it alright because you don’t have access to everything. Everything you have after 90 days. They want to monitor you don’t want the quantum financial system will be checking you out seeing what you’re doing with the money. Where’s it going to be doing – Where’s it going? Who would go out there to want to track you? At least for that first 90 days to see if you’re still a good guy or if you defected to the other side to the dark side? Okay,


But if you’re a good person, they’ll see that by your transactions. they’ll know that by your fruit. Okay, so that’s really what that’s all about. Alright, so back to where we are now.


I told you redemption center staff is supposed to be notified mid morning and find out what their schedule is for the remainder of this week and beyond this weekend, but we’re also hearing something very significant.


This is coming from one of our better sources  out of Germany and he is saying that we should have on the Forex, that we can see in the United States – the new Iraqi dinar And whatever rate that is on the Forex it should be on there. If this information holds true, we should see it after 12:01am tonight.


I know it’s tomorrow morning was 12:01am but that’s one minute after midnight – tonight.


So that shows should that rate show and you have a subscription to the Forex you could probably see if that’s when it’s now – Supposed that happen – we have the new Iraqi dinar rate, which I know roughly what is – on because this is the International rate, not the rate that we’re going to get at the redemption centers, Redemption center rates much higher.


But if you see that rates theoretically, That’s the RV  that’s seeing  the rate of the dinar as revalue. And then what you do is that should mean that we would get notified to do our exchanges, sometime tomorrow, Wednesday – the 7th


Now if that is the case, guess what? we’re setting our appointments. tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, whatever it is, For exchanges to begin on, you guessed it, the 8th  of December, which is what China’s favorite number.


In a way, it’s kind of my favorite number too maybe  – but that should occur provided we get the emails coming from Wells Fargo to us sometime tomorrow.  And we get started setting our appointments –


Now, here’s the other thing. Let’s say I mean, Thursday is supposed to be a big day guys. We’ve heard this from Intel sources telling us that’s the day that the bottom drops out of everything. And what that means is that’s the day that all the money’s flowing to where they’re supposed to go – finally!  Finally, you know, money, goes into CMKX ids paid out – adjudicated settlements are paid.


The fines and penalties  and interest are paid. The farm claims Indian claims if they haven’t been fully satisfied, their paid – the bondholders, the intermediaries that have already seen money in their accounts last Saturday. – I guess I didn’t tell you that –  the intermediaries or the introducers to bond buyers and bond sellers, which they are they received a commission of like one and a half percent for that as an introducer. Those funds were placed into their accounts last Saturday.



They couldn’t get access to them, though until we go. So they should be getting access to their funds. The bond sellers who have sold these bonds should get their access to their funds. And a lot of this is going to happen on Thursday. Maybe we don’t go until Thursday and we get access to our funds on Thursday. You see Thursday is like a catch all day where everything is supposed to happen.


The bottom falls out of everything. Now, that being the case, we should be notified tomorrow  because the new Iraqi dinar should be on the Forex that we can see in the United States. It’s been on it before but we haven’t seen it here. they’ve kept it from being viewed here in the US. that should change tomorrow if our intel holds up –


If for some reason it doesn’t hold up – we don’t get notified tomorrow. We should be notified Thursday and still get started on Thursday.  Either way, it’s a win. Let’s see what happens. It’s going to be good. We’re getting down to the wire .


Now – Saturday Is being called reckoning fest – as in day of reckoning – day of reckoning occurs on Saturday, where Frisco Texas –  Frisco is a town north of Dallas, as I remember, Dallas Fort Worth Dallas area – north of there. it’s a separate town and I believe there’s going to be a rally there – probably it’s been called a gala event.


Saturday, Day of Reckoning gala event, GA L A  – gala event. So what’s gonna come out and that event could be everything political we look forward to. Could be the mention of NESARA and GESARA  to the public,  could be our admission of the fact that we’re back on a gold standard with an asset backed currency, most of which is gold backed here.


So we could have some NESARA – some GESARA  mentioned – something about the gold standard  – the USN  all of that  – our new folding money, All that might transpire on Saturday, including the discussion of the Brunson? case which we already know the result of that with our favor, as we’ll see how that is transmitted


And there’s a possibility that the Emergency Alert System will get cranked up, or they may wait and do that  the following week, or whatever they’re going to do. All I know is when they use the Emergency Alert System to get a lot of this disclosure out that we’ve been looking for it is perfect cover for us going forward- for our exchanges.


So I’m anticipating numbers tomorrow. I’m anticipating exchanges on Thursday. We shall see what happens. That’s based on the information that we’ve received  yesterday today primarily


Let’s see –  what else —  we have major Clean up on aisle 3 4 5 6 and 7 in Switzerland , that started  this last Saturday and I think was wrapped up in  if I  remember right –   in about  43 hrs, and we were picking up bankers, hedge fund managers and traders.


That’s the primary targets and I think they did very well  our guys did great. And you know there’s more stuff that’s happening  –  I know this much – we’ve had a very successful help in Brazil –


They took that improper elected person out and they’re putting in I believe it though it’s ?????. I’m not sure if I have the name right. Forgive me if I don’t  – but the newly elected by the Brazilian  people President is being installed.  That’s good. news.


We do have a few other countries  I think I mentioned last time on Thursday’s call – the United States is now part of the BRICS  as well as Iraq – Venezuela   and so there is a real migration. What do you have to be part of the BRICS coalition?  You have to have an asset backed currency – and it might even have to be gold backed –  but in any event – that group is growing –.


And I think that’s everything I wanted to bring tonight to everybody. Hopefully you got all that. I hope many of you people receive this, and our listeners and big call universe got this kind of final –  I hope was going to be our final piece of information on that.


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