In Bruce 

We did find that there was a meeting on Saturday that was not really advertised.  It was in an undisclosed location in New York, and it was a meeting made of primarily made up of Big Bankers. What it was about was trying to come to a consensus on some of the procedures and protocols that we are going to experience when it comes to our exchanges and redemptions.   We do have rates showing occasionally on front and back screens.

We did get a rate on the dong today, but the rates were all supposed to update last night.  …the front screen rate on the dong was way more than we thought it would be, and the back screen was quite admirable as well.  …The point is we are in the process…I feel we are exactly where we need to be right now. Things are happening and rates are changing. Rates are coming up on the screens.  I think we are going to be in pretty good shape.