The 3-day holiday after Ramadan (June 26th)  is a great time as it is the beginning of  Eid al-Fitr…a 3-day holiday where everyone gifts one another for 3 days.

Great celebrations are planned for those 3 days.

Saturday would be … Read More


There were a series, 3 sets of announcements that were made yesterday morning and late the night before.

Our Sunday night into Monday morning, and a couple more announcements that will be made tomorrow morning…

Those announcements will be the … Read More


We are basically towards the end of this ride.

My sources are my own…We get info direct from Iraq and other parts of the world.

Years ago, you remember that the Dinar was set up to become an oil for … Read More


In Iraq what we are hearing from people who are in country that they have begun their celebrations during Ramadan, for the release of Chapter 7 which has already been released.

That was on Friday that they were released by … Read More


Remember we talked about the lower denoms of the dinar that were being placed in the ATM machines and ready to go?

Our understanding is they are still in there ready to go, but have not been put out yet.… Read More


I think the fact it is pretty quiet overall is a good thing.

Some sources we had in the past have gone dark.

A lot of things have happened very positively to move this thing along.

We do know what … Read More


I didn’t expect to be here…because of the information we were getting that was so positive.

What we were looking for last time on Thursday for this basically to come to an end.

Iraq was looking good.

We had confirmation … Read More


There was an announcement Sunday morning…

Prime Minister Abadi made an announcement welcoming countries around the world to come to Iraq to begin to do business.

Iraq is open for business.

A simple announcement, but one that carries weight because … Read More


This morning [Tuesday] we were suppose to have the new budget for Iraq in their Gazette published.

It was not in the Gazette.

The budget would contain the rate of the dinar, something everyone could see and therefore could be … Read More


What is going on in Iraq?

My understanding is a number of announcements, 5 or 6, were made in the Mosques a few days ago.

We do know the banks are synchronizing the rates of the currencies in the first … Read More