Bruce’s Big Call Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 9-12-23

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 9-12-23


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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it is Tuesday, September 12th , and you’re tuned into and listening to the big call. Thanks for listening, everybody, wherever you’re located all around the globe. We’re gonna have a good call tonight – Looking forward to it.  All right, we’re rocking and rolling. Well, we don’t have a whole lot to say. But I think ultimately, this is a good thing.


We got some information. We always get a big influx of information on Saturday for some reason. Saturday is actually a pretty good day. Sunday was light. Yesterday was a little bit light, and today was very light. But the trend is that for example, Sunday, there was a conference call, Zoom call from two to four in the afternoon, afford redemption centers. But we don’t know exactly who was on it. And we don’t know what was said it was kind of kept quiet. So that didn’t get out to us.


But we have to believe it was pretty significant. Now the other thing that we have, that we got from redemption center is we talked to three of them primarily, but we got the fact that the staff went in today, Tuesday. At 12:30pm. That’s half our afternoon 12:30pm. Today, to be fully ready, in case the numbers were released, and they could set appointments in the redemption center and do exchanges.


All right, one of our redemption center contacts indicated that he wouldn’t be looking forward to seeing clients – meaning exchangers and zim people either later this afternoon or tomorrow.  Well, later this afternoon did not manifest – that didn’t work for us   tomorrow is another story though. And I’ll get to that in a minute.


The other thing that’s really cool is we did hear – Remember when I talked to you guys, I believe last week about SKR’s sales keeping receipts for the military had been redeemed, if you will, meaning these receipts went all the way back SKR’s back 18 and 19 years and by the military primarily some other people as well. Had ponied these up with this one particular bank and they were notified to come in and get the – essentially get the exchange completed.    And that was last week.


Well, we also found out that 80% of those STKR’s at the time, were military and 20% were non military. But okay, that’s kind of cool. That’s good. That showed us that in a sense the RV quote unquote, the revaluation of these currencies had occurred and that these guys weren’t getting current rates on in that case it was on dinar you know on  Iraqi dinar and Vietnamese Dong on those two currencies, because that’s what the SKR’s were on. And they were numbers of these that I think we’re done throughout the country. Good. We’re on our way we’re rolling.


Now. I think I told you guys about that last Thursday. Pretty sure – so then we also found out that last week, military had done their exchanges on the bases on military bases last week.


I thought well, that’s interesting. That kind of goes along with the SKR’s. Right? Well these exchanges were done for the Iraqi dinar and Indonesian – no no – check that  – and Afghanistan a Afghan or the Afghani because that’s where the military has served over the last 20 years or so.


All right, and that’s it Iraq and Afghanistan. Right. So they did do exchanges on the basis for those two currencies. Now, do they have access to those funds yet? I think they almost had what we would call in the meantime sort of SKR, the changes are done. they’ve got rates. They got it done but don’t but they really do not have liquidity yet.


Similarly, the bond holders they ponied up their bonds. They’ve got buyers and sellers together. They’ve had tabletop meetings, and they’ve got those bonds handled. And they have rates on those bonds. They know what they’re paying, they know how much their their gross is, etc, etc. But they haven’t received access to their funds yet. So they’re looking for that final email to give them access some of the bond sellers are looking for new credit debit cards coming from various banks.


Could be Wells could be HSBC, the German bonds that were done through Bank of America, they handled the German bonds. HSBC is handling the Chinese yellow dragon and Red Dragon and so on Dragon bonds. You see, and Wells Fargo is handling a lot of the other.


So there’s so many different layers like at least 58 different types of bonds. I can’t remember how many but it’s a lot. So bondholders are waiting – that’s tier three. We’re waiting. I think the admirals people in tier 4A or tier 4B the Internet Group. Wells Fargo considers tier four tier four no distinction between a and b. So we’re good with that, we’re okay. We’ll run with the Admiral no trouble. And that’s what we’re looking to have happened.  Alright, let’s see what else is  meaningful to us.


Today, we received word through one of the redemption centers that the Treasury we’re going to call this and restored Republic Treasury – gave word to the redemption centers probably by email but I don’t know that absolutely. Probably by email that everything they gave us  – They signed off on everything.


And every everything was ready to go.


That’s meeting for our exchanges. It also means for the bondholders to be released what they need.


Now, we didn’t get the numbers today. We don’t know that they’re coming tomorrow. But it seems likely that they would come tomorrow and our exchanges would either start tomorrow or Thursday.


I don’t know what time to expect them tomorrow if they come at all.


We had heard they should have come in Monday or Tuesday which today’s Tuesday at around one o’clock in the afternoon for later. That didn’t happen.


And we believe that everything is done The final piece of information we got and I just got it a half hour before the start. the big call tonight was from another redemption centers and everything’s ready to go.


Sooo if everything’s ready to go. Are we there yet? Now, let me add one little caveat. Remember we talked about the Iraqi dinar value rate being put into the Gazette and we thought that it was going to go in Saturday. We had heard from Iraq. It was Saturday’s printed version of the Gazette Last Saturday  -didn’t happen.


What about tomorrow? Wednesday is a normal printed gazette day where they can print the desert any day. They choose they normally go with Saturday and Wednesday.


Tomorrow’s Wednesday.  Is that a requirement for us to start having the rate of the Iraqi dinar right and I’ll tell you this much. The Chinese elders and us want to see that.


We want to see that. Even though let’s be honest. We have held up Iraq for years and getting this thing done.  But you know what? This thing has gone back and forth, back and forth.


You know there’s there’s been things that Iraq has wanted done that we finally I say we the Chinese elders and and the people with our US Treasury have told them though, no more concessions. No more this you know let’s do it. That you’re done. you’re done. This is it.


Now, to be fair to Iraq.  And I hope they’re listening.  what we have heard is that there’s been back and forth between our new treasury and Iraq  about putting the Iraqi dinar rate  up even higher for us.


Now. I don’t know what the current screen rate is now. I knew what it was last week. And it should be scaling upward – the tendency is for that to trade UP And the same thing with the Vietnamese dong.


So, you know, are they at the rate that they want to be for those currencies and others. For us to get started?


That’s another consideration. But every indication when somebody says everything signed off on our treasury signed off, means it’s ready. And we get the quote unquote green light to begin. So if you sense a little bit of frustration on my part, you’re sensing correctly, because I’m getting the feeling that everything is ready to go.


Like based on what we’ve been told by people in the redemption centers that are the leaders in those redemption centers. So I’m excited about this. and I’m hoping that the information that we have, because the whole thing is if our intel, All we need is for it to be right once And to get this party started. And to get those 800 numbers that are in those emails. on Wells Fargo servers to be released.


Once that happens games off  or the other way to say it is it’s game on – Because we’ve got the numbers. we call the 800 number we set our appointments and then we go in for, for a 40 minute period of exchange and redemption of Zim – Im glad I reminded myself the Zim is a non negotiable bond that is valued on par with the USN. or for that new US dollar if you want to look it on par means at the same value.


So there’s no negotiation on the Zim. That’s what’s going to be so beautiful  and amazing. If you have it, you know the size of the denominations, you know the inherent value in those bearer bonds.


Look at the note you’ll see payable to the bearer.  That’s called a bearer bond. That’s what they’re acting as.  That’s what’s so incredible about this opportunity. So don’t sweat it. Now. The rates that we will be offered on dinar are very high. Very Very high. And the same thing is true on the dong.


They’re way higher than we used to think they would be and the dinar is ridiculously higher.


I’m gonna say as many as as much as almost 10 times we thought it was going to be back in the old days 18 /19 years ago.   So don’t worry about it.


So where are we?  We are dang close – and obviously, closer than we’ve ever been. We know SKR’s were taken care of last week. We know our military exchanged in the bases last week.


We know that leadership changes politically are taking place – indictments have been filed and  I think that we’re looking forward to this week, and hopefully tomorrow our notifications at least they knew us and putting us back on the gold standard and we’re using that word now. Gold standard to put us back on that is supposed to take place Thursday, Friday of this week. 15 should be our completion or being back on the gold standard.


And then we’ll see what else happens as a result of that.


We’re looking at some disclosure announcements are referred to earlier starting believe the 22nd or 23rd That would be a week from this Friday or Saturday.


And that could be really interesting as that get started and that disclosure should be using the Emergency Alert System in conjunction with the emergency broadcast system on the books called the emergency wireless system.


One other thing I want to get out is that  on the fourth of October they’re doing full complete integration of cell phone, technology, internet and satellite television completely brought on to the starling satellite system.


So what’s going to happen as I understand it as of yesterday, we will have outage of for one hour and 10 minutes.


Cell phone service outage of make sure you guys hear this correctly. And Judy, if you can’t put this in, make sure it’s correct.


Our cell phone service outage of the internet outage of satellite television for one hour and 10 minutes between 1pm October 4 and 2pm on the 4th  –  one hour and 10 minutes and that’s eastern time I gave you –  four East Eastern  – we know that’s when that disruption will occur. It’s a Wednesday it’s October 4 Wednesday, October 4.


Okay, now when that occurs and the services restored to us at 2:10pm in the afternoon of Wednesday the 4th  we will be on 10 G not 5g G –  10 G satellite service through the Starlink system. The internet will be a screaming internet and our cell phones should work better. Everything should come up faster. There’s a lot more things that will probably be available to us using this new system and it’d be worth losing an hour 10 minutes of service


During that time. Get out and walk. Go to the beach, whatever you can do without your phones, without your laptops, without your tablets for an hour and 10 minutes. Can you do it? They call university doing Did you be without that electronic device for an hour and 10 minutes on Wednesday before from 1pm to 1030 in the afternoon.


I bet you can do it that you can but that’s really what I’ve heard – this is gonna happen.


Okay, we have some pretty reliable sources considering we know the people that are managing the starlike set Starlink satellite system easy for me to say.


So that’s really everything. I think that’s pertinent to us right now.


Obviously, we’re looking forward to Med Bed’s still hearing 8 to 10 days after exchanges that should become available.


I think this is the time we just need to hunker down and continue to be in faith for this forward to what should happen. I’m not saying it’s definitely going to happen tomorrow. But based on the information that I’ve received over the last few days, it sure looks like it – I hope so guys, you know, I hope so. 19 years for me, being in the currencies is enough. 12 years on the big call. You’re probably tired of listening to me – chuckle chuckle .


I know you’re not tired of listening to Sue or Bob. But hopefully you’re hanging or trying to have a good time with us. Because if you don’t what Jesus did say, I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly. We all want to be part of that abundant life on this earth. And we’re about to bring that to humanity. So let’s pray the call out..




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