Bruce’s Big Call (Intel & Replay) Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 5-23-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 5-23-23


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Welcome everybody to the Big Call -Today is Tuesday, May 23rd and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thank you for listening. Thank you for tuning in everybody all over the globe.  Here we go. Listen. Thank you for listening all over the globe for tuning in – yet again tonight. The Week begins tonight at nine o’clock Eastern according to Bob and I like that. I like that approach. So we’re gonna go with that.


So let’s go right now into the Intel portion of the call. Let’s start first of all with Iraq – now remember over the weekend, certainly by Sunday Iraq was going to expose their budgets, and the new rate would be in the budget. They did do that. But we were kept from seeing the new rates and we won’t see it until Thursday. There’s what I’m hearing out of Iraq, that’s what we’re getting


Tomorrow however, we’re supposed to be able to see their budget, and we’ll see how that works Wednesday, maybe on budget and the rate, the new rate is supposed  to be available to us to see here on Thursday. Maybe there’s a little bit of a time frame to that


The other thing is I think that’s everything really that I need to mention about Iraq right now. But today was a day guys that a lot of information does come to us even over the weekend, Saturday or Sunday, yesterday.


Monday we heard that we would be getting notifications today this morning – that prosperity packages were coming out this morning and that CMKX  settlement deliveries would go out as an intermediary and that we would get bondholders would receive credit debit cards and instructions to go to the bank and activate their quantum accounts with a quantum access card and have access to 1% of their bond money. Well, of all of that some bondholders did receive those deliveries by Federal Express.


And so some of that happened for the bondholders, but the CMK X did not go out today and neither did prosperity packages. So what we have heard is that tomorrow, the prosperity packages and CMK X and more credit/debit cards and instructions would go out to the bondholders so that they would have access to the 1% of their exchange of bonds at the bank.


Now, those CMKX  and prosperity packages are to go out by FedEx, we’re hearing different times. It could be around 11 tomorrow in the morning, it could be anytime I’m gonna say tomorrow there’s no real specific time that we heard – we heard one source talk  around 11 o’clock.


Now what is interesting about FedEx deliveries for these packages is that they’re using US Treasury helicopters to monitor and track deliveries by FedEx of these prosperity packages  and CMK X settlements and the other credit / debit cards and instructions that the bondholders were receiving – so they are really going to have an eye on a Sky with US Treasury helicopters, monitoring the deliveries and tracking the deliveries of these which is tremendous security.


They just want to make sure there’s no funny business at the delivery point. And then everything gets handled. That is everything is above board –


And I really think it’s a great idea and I look forward and I’m looking forward to hearing a chopper here and there as these deliveries are being made. Like that’s really cool.


Beyond that we were looking forward to all this occurring today. But it looks like we’ve been pushed a day, hopefully just one day to tomorrow.



Because we just don’t ever know exactly when the toll free numbers are going to come out until we get them and our emails, which would contain the 800 number. And the information I’m supposed to receive also about the 800 number are supposed to come out well we’re understanding they’re supposed to come out tomorrow Along with these other items like the prosperity packages and see a bit and all that.


Let’s see if that occurs because this is what we’re hearing again, I really was faked out this morning because we really had times specific times for deliveries – and it just didn’t happen.


It’s hard to say – we know that redemption center staff are going in we know that we expect them to go in again tomorrow. And to go in every day, the rest of the month and into the first one or two days of June.


Speaking of June – We understand that the restitution and reclamation allowance  money is supposed to come out the first week and last week of June – first week and last week of June.


That is going to be pretty substantial for people that are 62 or older are going to receive a lump sum payment and people younger than that I think this thing will start approximately 10 years after first employment. So let’s say you started working at 18 if you’re 28 or 29 you would theoretically  qualify all the way up to the age of about 61. You will be getting that paid out not in ten years – like we heard  –  but in we have heard 13 months.


So that would be the total amount whatever that is divided by 13 – 13 monthly payments.


And with the agreement that if you’re working, you agree because you will sign something to this effect, that if you’re working you agree not to quit your job – to continue working during that period. And if you’re not working or you don’t have a job, they’re going to do the very best to put you into the employment market to get you a good job.


Remember with rebuild America, we’re going to be looking for a lot of people that need to work so keep that in mind with all the projects that Sue and everybody has constructed for us. There are a lot of employment opportunities.


But I just wanted to bring that out to you. So that’s going to come out as restitution allowance, let’s call it residential and reclamation, as in reclaiming, right. What was yours — Birth Certificate. Your birth certificate was traded as a financial instrument like a bond. It was traded on you – that death certificate, a marriage license and a divorce decree – All of those were instruments that were traded, and you should receive compensation for those – and taxes that you pay – interest that you paid on loans car loans, boat loans, House loans, mortgages and credit cards – all that interest comes back to you.


Okay, so  there’s a pretty good lump sum in there for 62 and older and the younger folks from approximately the age of 28 or 30, all the way up to 61 will be given out in 13 monthly payments starting either the first or last week of June. That’s the latest information we have heard on that.


And social security will be going up in the month of June.  For those that are 62 and over and that are taking Social Security now. If you’re let’s say you’re 65 and you haven’t signed up for it or whatever, you would need to sign up for it to get it but it would be much more substantial substantive than we ever thought it could be going to be quite quite a nice piece of change really.


Going back to our timing – if we get notified tomorrow, the theory is that we would get notified – set appointments and start exchanges on Thursday. That is the latest that I’m hearing – Now – It doesn’t necessarily mean this is what I’m getting you guys I’m just telling you I’m being told from some pretty strong sources that are tied to the Treasury and also tied to paymasters of the bondholders and people that are tied to the paymasters of the Zim platform that are going on.


So there is a lot of good information that is finally coming in. Even though many of sources are sort of faked out by the fact that we didn’t get all the notifications and the toll free numbers that we thought we would get this morning.


So this is a day by day experience for all of us. We literally have to look at this one day at a time – that the fact that the Fiat government is going to run out of money at the end of the month is not a concern to us.


The Restored Republic Treasury has plenty of money in USN asset backed gold backed currency. So don’t worry about that – pay no attention to that. Now – This is something that we’re going to have to see if this happened and what it what it looks like.


I’m being told from a very reliable source that the Supreme Court will give their decision on Brunson tomorrow at 10 o’clock Eastern time. – On CNN, this will be covered – in other words on CNN – on Fox and possibly Fox Business and possibly some of the other news channels, I would think of it makes those two and we’ll make all of them. It’s definitely going to make all the social media sites – all right side podcasting, all of them that you can think of


Now – should make it the news max too – what I’m being told is the Supreme Court decision would vindicate President Trump and the election In 2020 that was stolen from it.


Now it also indicates at least 197 and it might be closer to five or 600 other candidates that were duly elected, but yet were not allowed to serve in those positions again because of the election fraud


So it could be a major thing that happens. And I would say if this occurs in the morning at 10am Eastern on news channels that are mainstream, that it could easily be followed by the Emergency Alert System. If the EIS comes in around that time or after the time, with that decision by the Supreme Court.


If they bring that out tomorrow, we could very well add the EAS and we could very well have some form of disclosure on so many different subjects. I don’t even know where to start. But it could be the beginning of our so called 12 days of disclosure, not darkness but disclosure – so we’ll see how that happens.


We’ll see what happens based on tomorrow. And if we get notified, you know what that does, that’s later, which would theoretically be broadcast and eight hour segments, theoretically, three times a day for 24 hours a day for seven days. I know people can take it, but it could be absolutely amazing.


What is actually brought out. And this is supposed to be a revelation of the truth of what we’ve lived through all of it. And what is the corrected version of it – Or history has put it that way – So this is going to be an amazing thing, If that occurs that provides cover for us to for our exchanges.


And so stay tuned if you hear any choppers around and you’re somebody who’s expecting prosperity package. That’s  a good thing. That’s monitoring and tracking the delivery of those packages, make sure they’re going to the right homes and make sure that they’re executed properly. So obviously, we’re looking for toll free numbers. I say toll free, they’re probably an 800 number


I think after this goes, you’re gonna want to take some time off, pick up a little vacation time. Consolidate pay off any debt you’ve got left. And then also you know, you might be looking at a new car – going up a new house moving, updating whatever you’re gonna do. It’s gonna take a little while it’ll take us a little while to get everything together. Before we get in touch with you about rebuild America.


The good news is, I just found another confirmation that our timing looks good for what I’ve laid out tonight in the Intel segment. looks very good.


All right. So guys, that’s what I wanted to say tonight. I think we’re looking pretty good. Right now. Let’s do this. Let’s pray the call out..


When this goes don’t forget your health. I want everybody take full advantage of everything that boomers has to offer. Get it go ahead and do it. You’ll have the money. It won’t be about the money. You’ll be able to get it and get your health started in a really positive way. All right. Thanks, everybody.




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