Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 3-14-23


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Welcome everybody to the Big Call today – It is Tuesday, March 14th  and you’re listening to the Big Call. Glad everybody made it through Daylight Savings Time on Sunday and finally adjusted to the sun and to more of it. And we’re glad for that. So welcome everybody, wherever you’re tuned in from listening, whether it’s live or whether it’s on the replay number, a replay link, or if you happen to be one of millions of listeners that are getting this in their own language across the globe, it’s another possibility to we’ve been having been 14.2 and 15 point something million listeners usually on Thursdays, occasionally – Tuesdays as well. So, welcome everybody, wherever you live.


Okay guys, here we go. It’s time to delve into the Intel segment – Now – Today is a day that has a lot of information coming out. And a lot of it is related to us, but not directly into our timing exactly and what I mean by that is, everybody’s noticed the bank collapses that took place this last Friday, all the way through today. We’ve got a total of 71 banks that have quote unquote, collapsed or been seized. And that’s North America, which would include I think, a couple in Canada, really mostly United States in that number of 71.


So, and it continues, and it’s gonna continue in Europe as well. Credit Suisse is having difficulty, you know, the Swiss banks. You think, oh, those guys aren’t going anywhere. Well, Credit Suisse said, at a drop in its value of its shares. And it’s continuing to drop. So, you know, things, – What’s interesting about that, and why is it important for us to watch this Alright, first of all, this is part of the plan.


Those banks based on Fiat USD dollar basically need to collapse or go into something short of bankruptcy so that we can bring in the new what’s being called Treasury dollar –  now realize the fiat money we have now the USD isn’t backed by anything except the full faith and credit of the United States government. Well, all that sounds good. And we’ve sustained a great value for our dollar for a long time. But now when you introduce a new Treasury dollar, the United States Treasury dollar, you have $1 that is asset backed primarily by gold but other assets.


And that gives it a whole new value, and it will be a very strong currency. It’s already on the screens digitally, and it’s being traded with other countries. But we will have a new folding money. You know, IUSTN – United States Treasury notes. I believe that’s what’s going to be printed or is printed on that money. But we will have a currency that is asset backed.


And that’s what gives our money value. So what we’re looking at is the collapse of the old system and the Fiat dollar so that we can bring in the new and realize this, the USD – The Fiat dollar – is being reduced internationally, it’s going away and it’s not being used to trade with or to buy services with.


As far as we know, it’s on its way out. In other words, its been on its way out. And even here, there are fewer and fewer of those USD notes, if you will – available, that money is drying up. And that’s good. This is this is part of the plan that the White Hats have to take down the Cabal based banks.


Okay – Now – we’ll see how it all shakes out – the latest information I have from today – is that it may take 3-4 days  – That was since Monday.  That was yesterday – three to four days for that to be completed or for the Shake Out of these banks that are going under or being collapsed or seized – with so many words that can express it.


But that should take place and be complete that would be directly completed by your government or by Thursday night. Now, I don’t know that I don’t know which it is. But here’s the thing, one side of it says it doesn’t affect our exchanges. They won’t affect our notifications and start of our exchanges and redemption of zim but it’s possible that they’ll want that stage cleared – with all those banks that are going away by Thursday night, or by Wednesday. I could just take tomorrow night to do it all.


So here’s where we are in the big scheme of things.


Redemption center staff and we talked with the two different redemption center staff people today and we know that the staff is going in – they are on call today.   But they’re going in tomorrow meaning without  waiting for an hour call in an hour response time. They’re just plain going in.


Now are they going in because remember, when we use our call centers, we get if you’re Zim holder, we get redirected when we call in to the call center we get redirected to the redemption center that is closer to the zip code that we enter or that we tell the person if we’re talking to a person when we call it in call in on the toll free number we get re-directed to that redemption  center and speak to a person who may well be helping us redeem  our zim and other currencies being exchanged at the redemption center when we set up our appointment.


Okay, so we’re going to be doing it’s kind of a two step process. call the regional call center, which I believe we had six of those last time I looked, regional call center directs the call. They automatically direct to that redemption center.


It automatically directs for sure if you’re a zim holder or they’ll give you another phone number to dial to get to that redemption center. That’s what I mean by a two step call in process. Now if you’re not a zim holder, you may very well say I’ve got one currency I’ve got dinar or I’ve got Vietnamese Dong. Okay. What about the other one currency holder? You may get routed from using the toll free number directly to a tier one bank – Instead of a redemption center overseen by Wells Fargo, you may go to a Chase -You may go to a Bank of America, you could go to a Citibank you can go to a number of tier one banks


or they may send you to a regular redemption centers, depending on how busy they are. And depending on how many people have called in to exchange their currencies and then redeem their zim –


So what it looks like we didn’t get any notifications today – Tomorrow, Wednesday is supposed to be a day that is in play. And it might just be notification people or obviously it could be neither one.


But what we’re hearing from these sources, especially the redemption center people themselves because they tend to have a heads up is that we’re looking at this point, kind of a Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday start.


Now I will say this guys, this is a day by day scenario now. So kind of get used to that. It’s not like we can say such and such a day. It has to happen. We’re gone. There’s theoretically a back wall.


But I am telling you we blown through so many back walls. It doesn’t even make sense to use that term anymore. That’s going to be another banned term from the big call – back wall – So goalposts being moved back goalposts but the good news is that things are changing and you should feel good about these banks that are going down – Because this has to happen.


Now will the stock market take a tumble? I don’t like the word crash. I don’t know that we’re gonna see a crash. But we are hearing some things about stock market values dropping and I did not catch the market today to see what they did.


Yesterday they were up 121 points at one point near the close. And then today I don’t know how they faired. I wish I knew that. But point is we might be looking for a precipitous drop in the market prices on both s&p understand was up but the or the NASDAQ rather was up as people were moving monies into the NASDAQ for the tech side of it. I did hear that and that’s, that’s cool. But you know, guys, we’d have to keep an eye on it.


Now, the one good thing that is really strong is the monies that we have on deposit – forget FDIC, forget that. We have the quantum financial system that our accounts currently now mirrored on. So we essentially have our accounts in USN as an asset backed currency, which digital as well as digital USN – so we should have no problem as far as that goes, our accounts are protected by the one financial system That’s a good thing.


So we are in a position to see some changes happening – Now tomorrow is gonna be interesting.


There might be I can’t confirm this at all. But there might be some disclosure coming out tomorrow about tribunals –  Okay. so if that happens, that’s really good cover for us to get moving on our exchanges. and our zim.


Could it happen tomorrow? Could they spring it on us? Yeah, they could.   We know that the 20th which is next Monday.


The 20th  is a day when all currencies are supposed to be digitized and tradable as asset backed currencies on Monday, the 20th – there might be a couple of other days that certain other  things happened 21st  was one  – not quite sure what is happening there – the 21st – what about the 23rd ? there’s another date –  We don’t know exactly what’s going to occur on those days.


We have heard we’ve heard April 1 is an important day and it could be the start of NESARA / GESARA – at least a little bit wise coming out in April, 1st  week in April is what we’re hearing.


Now, this is something that we’re also hearing is that April 15 is usually our tax due date, unless you file file extension, right? So we’re hearing that 10 days prior to April 15, which is April 5 – We may get an announcement of some sort that says we don’t need to file federal income taxes, maybe not state income taxes for 2022.


Okay, so be aware of that file to get a refund. All of those monies that we paid in income taxes are supposed to be coming back to us under NESARA


We’ll see what happens as far as our restitution or relatives concerned because that we thought might start as early as later this month. But it looks more like it’s apt to start in April. So we’ll see how that goes.


Consumption tax between 14 and 16% on new items, new goods, not on groceries, food, not on food and restaurants – not on anything that’s used including previously on all these things, that the consumption tax is not going to be collected on but it will be collected on new items, new products, but it will be imported in the cost of those goods to us and being a retail we will add the sales. We wont add it if the register. It’ll be already imported in the price of goods. That’s what we have heard is supposed to take place under NESARA.


So there’s a lot of things that need to be brought out and I hope I’m being accurate and what I’m telling you I believe I am but so much of this to see and have been announced to us and go to I mean it’s just NESARA is something I knew about 13 years ago before I even started the big call.


There was a guy that came in on midnight Think Tank and he spelled it all out about he had he had everything that happened to be it. Most of it I remember from those days 13 years ago we’re in a really good spot.  We are looking for notifications any day now.


And just maybe we do get started before the week is over.


But we’ll see what happens. You know how it is today’s Tuesday it’s early still – tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday could be very important days. But we just have a big question mark on it. Because, you know, everybody, for the most part. A lot of our contacts have been put on or NDAs or just told to hush up and you know, we just get what we can get – we get the best information we can to put it out there for you.


So I’m gonna say that’s really about all that I wanted to bring out tonight. I’m excited about the new US Treasury dollar that was happening with the banks even though I know some people are hurting, but they should be ok – Good people will be made whole  the bad people – not so much.


So we’ll see what happens on all of that. And in the meantime, it’s an eye out for our emails and see what happens between now and Thursday’s Big Call. Maybe we’ll have something really strong. And we’ll just see what happens. We’ll let it let it happen for us. So let’s go ahead and pray the call out.


Thank you everybody – we will talk to you Thursday If we don’t get the numbers before that.




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