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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight is Thursday, September 22nd and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks everybody for tuning in again and for wherever you’re listening from whether it’s outside United States and around the world, wherever you’re tuned into we welcome you. We’re glad you’re with us, whether you’re listening live, or whether you’re listening on a replay thanks for being here.

Now, we don’t want to go too many more calls do we? We are ready for this thing to go – We’re ready for it to pop. So let’s talk a little bit about it. Let’s talk about what we’ve got in the way of Intel.

All right – I’m going to start off and it could be a little random, because I’ve got a few things here and there. I’m going to try to tie together – you remember how much intel we had on Tuesday night. I had about eight or nine different things that I brought in on that call – and it was it was a lot – tonight we don’t have as many –

Alright, let’s talk a little bit about central banks. These were banks that were tied to the Rothschilds. In other words, they own them in various countries throughout the world.

Now, most of the countries have moved away from the so called Central Bank and it moved into a new – I’m going to call it – it’s hard to say – National Bank.

This is a bank that’s been created for each country – individually – that would control their new currency – Because remember, all countries of the globe under GESARA will have new asset backed and some gold backed but at least asset backed currencies that will eventually be traded on par with the USN dollar.

Okay, so what we’re in a transition now, now guess what? Some countries didn’t come to the party. They have not divorced themselves from the central bank that was the Rothschild Bank – And there are certain countries that are paying the price for that now — and I’m not going to mention it.

But these countries well, let’s just say this – The banks in these countries are in deep situations right now if they haven’t switched over – and they’re in the process of doing that, but it could take a certain country 10 days to get there – And that puts everybody in the country in jeopardy financially.

The other thing is we talk about the countries that are aligned like the B R I C S – the B R I C S – BRICS are made up of the countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. That was the original BRICS nations.

There have been a few additions to that group known as BRICS. But the number of countries now that are aligned with the BRICS nations are 82 countries – 82 countries, with the BRICS that will turn into 90 countries by this weekend.

Let’s talk about we know we had 22 currencies that were due to revalue in an upward state – and we know at least half a dozen of those that most of us have some of – right – well, they just added a couple of days ago, another seven countries into the so called first basket and I can’t remember all seven but I know we’ve got Japan is one – I know India is another – Indian. Yes, we are wishing for you to, you know, to include us in the first basket, please.

All right – So you’ve got Japan, India. I think we’re gonna go to Saudi Arabia. We’re gonna go to Jordan. We’re gonna go to some of the Middle Eastern countries or make up the rest of Qatar, not Qatar by the way. Cutters, a bug spray. Q – tar is how you pronounce that country.

And yep, you’ve got those. So that’ll round out as countries round out – the seven that are added which would be 29 countries now

Now the African nations were not included in this. They couldn’t quite get all of those nations together to be part of the revaluation. So they’re going to have a second go around with the second – Let’s call it basket – with the African nations. And I’m thinking it could be all of Africa could be Sub Saharan Africa, that all of those countries will find themselves in a new position in the second revaluation.

Now, before you start thinking, ooh, rubbing your hands together thinking about I’m gonna double dip on this one. No, you’re not. If you’ve got currencies, and certainly zim or anything else that you’re taking to the redemption center. It is verboten for you to be part of a further – let’s just say an additional exchange with other currencies. Nope, not gonna happen.

Okay, so forget about it. All right. You’re gonna go for it. This is your shot. You got your one shot and it is with whatever currency you have and certainly with the zim and the zim is gonna produce big results for you, based on the fact that you are creating projects or you have projects that you can present to the redemption center in a five to eight minute period. Okay. So keep that in mind.

All right, let’s go beyond where we are. We’ve got to talk about the NESARA, and GESARA – Now, I’m going to credit Charlie Ward because this is where it came from.

He said and we’ve heard through his assistants Okay, directly, that remember who you were – Remember where you were – And remember what you were doing on September 24 – On September 24, is Saturday.

Remember, who you were, where you were and what you were doing?

It’s supposed to be that big of an impact day.

Now remember Charlie’s been somebody who’s been put in charge of getting out the word on GESARA – Simon Parks is over Africa and South America, working directly with Charlie Ward and his team.

So we’re just gonna have to see what that looks like.

But I think what’s ironic and I didn’t really learn much about this until yesterday.

The and I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, that it’s the Julian calendar that has the 24th has no last few day of the calendar year under the Julian calendar. And the New Year would start on the 25th which is Sunday.

Now I may have the calendar type wrong, but I think it might be the Julian calendar. We are under the Gregorian calendar.

Okay. And that’s working fine. And I don’t see us getting off of that. I don’t see that being a thing. But we are respecting what the Julian calendar had with the year of Jubilee, which happened every 50 years in Israel.

And as far as I know, it may still be happening in Israel. I’m thinking so. So in those years of Jubilee, there was debt forgiveness – There was ownership, land ownership reverted back to its original owner, etc, etc. Now, we know that GESARA and NESARA include debt forgiveness – include returning to you the individual monies that were earned trading on your birth certificate -Marriage certificate – divorce decree – second marriage certificate – I guess even death certificates.

So, those funds plus the interest that you paid on your mortgages through the years on your car loans, through the years – bank loans, etc. – and not to mention the tax money that we paid to England and the Rothschilds and the Vatican.

That is all supposed to come back to you.

And I understand from our sources, that as part of NESARA for the United States and GESARA, globally, that will happen for us in the NESARA starting in the month of October, and it’s going to be a nice piece of change. Now it won’t be that much compared to what the exchange totals are for us, or the Zim total that’s done with with redeeming of the zim, but it’s still a very large chunk of money.

And I think what’s going to happen is that will you realize that when we go in for these exchanges and everything, where if you’re a Zim holder, you will sign a non disclosure agreement. If you’re just have currencies. What I’m being told is you won’t have to sign an NDA.

We’ve got the public starting – theoretically, I think they’re gonna get pushed back – but I think they’re theoretically starting on the second or third of October.

We know that we have to get started. This has to come out for us, according to people that we’ve talked to by the end of this month. Well, we’re getting close today the 22nd. There’s only 30 days in September.

So what’s that eight days away? Right. So I think we’re definitely moving forward. I think what’s interesting was we have heard that we should get notified this weekend.

And it’s possible that we are still on that track. The latest information I got and that was this morning was telling us that our new window if you will, for us to get started in tier 4B and also I think it’s going to apply to tier three bondholders is between the 25th and the 28th of September – 25 is Sunday. So that’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the 28th

So in that timeframe, we should get our notifications and then get started with our exchanges.

That is the latest and you know that’s a change from what I had Tuesday. That is a change.

Slightly, maybe not but a day or so. Right? Remember I said three or four days away? That was including Wednesday, three or four days? Well, it’s pretty close to Sunday.

Okay, so we’ll see how that works out for us.

It’s really interesting that we have this opportunity to make a difference in this world as we find it now, which needs a lot of help. Everybody knows that. And we know what the main cause of the of the problem is right now. So that’s obviously something that has to have to be taken care of.

But we know or we believe we know that this absolutely must start by the end of this month which is the 30th – so I’m hoping against hope that this comes out with some kind of notification on Sunday. And then we start first of the week, and we go right on through but you know guys, there have been things that have slowed this down -the tier three and four banks slowed us down. The arrest of God knows how many people additionally slowed us down.

We’ve got banks, we’ve got countries that are slow to come on board with the proper bank – Their central bank, they gotta let that go and start a new national bank, I call it – there’s a lot of things that are still in flux.

But we’re getting in on it every day. So we’ll see how that goes. We’ll see what happens. But that’s what I wanted to bring to you tonight. I want you to be fit and healthy –

But that’s what I wanted to bring to you tonight. And thank everybody for tuning in again, and staying faithful and moving forward boldly. As we all go together. As we go one we go all and kind of like that. Let’s take it and let’s run with it. So I do thank everybody for listening all over the globe. If you’re somebody who’s hearing it in your own language, thank you for those that are doing the instantaneous translation.

And thank you, everybody for tuning into the big call. Everybody have a beautiful weekend. Let’s keep an eye out for Saturday to see what happens. Do we get an announcement about GESARA do we hear anything about NESARA And remember who you were, where you were and what you are doing.

All right. Thanks, everybody. I love you and let’s pray the call out,

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