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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 8-4-22


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Welcome, everybody to the big call. It is Thursday, August 4th  and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call – whether you be live or whether you are listening on the replay we appreciate it from wherever you’re tuned in all over the globe – so thanks again for listening


Okay  – This is the time we go to the Intel segment and I usually have several things to bring to you – Tonight we’ve got some information to give you – It’s not quite as ??????? as I had hoped it would be as far as our timing, but we know – give you an example – There are people that are involved in the bonds, the handling of the bonds that are called intermediaries – these would be introducers / facilitators to the bond transactions.


Those guys are to be paid next, and they are to be receiving their emails overnight tonight and tomorrow – and theoretically they receive – and I say that because we just never know exactly when they’re going to have it – but in those emails, they should have a timeframe when the liquidity for those transactions that the facilitators the intermediaries, helps to facilitate, they’ll have access to those funds in their account.  More than likely it could be tomorrow for them – but it could be Saturday before they have access.


Generally speaking, if the email comes out one day, they’ll have access the next day or the following day after that. That’s typically how it’s been working with the bondholders that have been paid so far.


Next after those intermediaries are to be paid comes the actual bond sellers themselves – as the buyers have been put together with the sellers – the transactions have been made and the notifications by email – to those bond sellers should come out Saturday – and for them and they should receive funds Saturday or probably the following Monday.


Now okay, you say Well, that’s all great, Bruce – but where does that put us as tier four?  It should put us in a position where we receive our notifications over the weekend – and that to me is Saturday or Sunday – over the weekend – and more than likely we’ll have access to funds Monday or Tuesday of next week.


Hopefully we get our emails this weekend and that will essentially guarantee us ability to take – to set an appointment – and to get into the redemption centers on Monday or Tuesday. Now that’s not quite this week, but we might just get notified this week. So that’s that is where that is going right now.


There’s been discussion about the Wells Fargo Private group that used to be the general 64 Group years and years and years ago, and many – many – many signed up. We had about 300,000 emails in a group and that private group.


The private group itself from my understanding is no longer – however the emails have been absorbed by the Wells Fargo servers – and then everybody who was in that theoretical private group will have access to the redemption centers when they respond to the 800 number that they get in their email – So no big change there. No big change at all.


Even the admirals group, participants will have an email sent to them by the redemption center and they will be able to access funds that way also, through the redemption center process.


Remember this is how we anticipate that working we’re looking to get a toll free number which we will use. Remember Wells Fargo has a representative in every redemption center across the United States – and in that case, you will get a toll free number that you call to a call center –


Part of the call we anticipate to be automated, possibly entering your ZIP code where you anticipate possibly entering a code for the types of currencies that you have – all of that being automated – And then when they see that you are a Zim holder – if you are – then you get a direct transfer to a live person at the potential redemption center where you are interested – where you – which is close to where your zip code reflected.  Okay


So you’ll get to talk to a live person – quite possibly this is for zim holders – quite possibly the person that will be facilitating your Zim redemption – at the redemption center – Okay.


And remember – depending on how much you have – if you have quite a bit of currency and you’ve got a suitcase full or that kind of equivalent – it will take a little longer but they’ll bring one or two additional people to your exchange time.


And then they’ll go ahead and run the Delarue machine with one or two people – and then they’ll go ahead and run that currency through as quickly as they can and count it and verify it so that you can move on with the rest of your exchange. All right, so that is nothing new.


That’s just a replay of information for everybody – We know that they want to do the appointments in 35 to 45 minutes – They don’t really want to exceed that per appointment time – So that’s what you need to realize.


That’s why when you’re doing your world class presentation to a group of two or three people – you’re actually presenting your ideas in five to eight minutes – so this is where you have more or less an outline form of bullet points that you have on your projects – in paragraph form – that you can express to those people and then leave them a hard copy of your presentation behind.


So they will scan that in and they will run the programs through the computers to see with algorithms whether or not there are too many duplications and so on – and if there are they would get in touch with you and work the way that you can make it work within the context of your project


That is what I wanted to bring tonight. As far as anything else I’m going to tell you that Iraq did move forward. They did put their rate out to be traded. I don’t believe it’s out so we can see it yet. But then again, it could happen on Saturday.


Doesn’t have to be a Saturday or a Wednesday to make it into the printed version of the gazette – but we know that this is moving forward. This is what I meant by things are happening behind the scenes – So they are – and not only that, but arrests or so called cleanup on aisle three are ongoing and doing well.


There’s a lot of movement in that area too – geopolitically things are happening too – for us as well as other countries. We know Iraq’s got a new form or structure of government now where they have Hashemi as the prime minister, and he’s been voted in on that.


And they also have what’s going to be close to a Senate form of representation with elected senators, let’s call them for lack of a better word – Representatives from each province or geographical region or large city in Iraq – Those guys are in the wings ready to come in and take over this new form of government.


I remember this the government will take place once it’s reopened – and in this Iraqi Government itself was going to close down from today through Saturday. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, they’re probably getting everything ready to reinstitute that new structure of government in Iraq –


Also in Kurdistan, which is the northernmost province of Iraq – They were going to be closed from last Monday through this Saturday – No check that – I believe all the way through Sunday. So a full week for what is being fed is the purpose of I believe celebration of the new rate for


I wish I had more about that but that’s the gist of it. In the main part of Iraq definitely closed from today through Saturday – but I believe they will reopen Sunday and Sunday night – they’ll be trading the dinar again with the Far East at night like we do here at nine o’clock pm in the United States Eastern Time and so I would expect that to happen again – Sunday night in Iraq.


So is there anything else that needs to be done? As far as we know that countries are all basically ready? There may be a glitch here and there but overall, I think they’re ready to go. We’re certainly ready for it to begin.


I think we have to keep an eye out for what does look like it might happen this weekend for us – Meaning Saturday, Sunday. Notifications could happen either day, and maybe either day – We don’t start until Monday or Tuesday for our actual appointments. But everybody will be receiving an email whether they’re in the admirals group or whether they’re in the former Wells Fargo Private group.


They had they had 1.2 million emails and they I think that with the duplications and they’ve vetted some emails and people that were in there, they probably narrowed that down to I believe it was 1.4 something to 1.5 million emails. So we don’t know where it is now but those will be coming out – we understand at the same time in each time zone.


So if it came out at 11 o’clock in the morning, let’s say Eastern it’d be 11 Central 11 Mountain and 11 Pacific. So everybody gets it at the same time in their time zone. That’s how we understand they intend to do it.


And the only reason I suggest that we may start on a Monday or a Tuesday is we understand from the redemption centers that their schedules would begin as far as we know, at this point, realize it’s Thursday, but it should begin on next Monday or Tuesday for our exchanges and – and really for and possibly for taking our numbers to set these appointments.


So there’s quite a bit left for us to know. And that’s just what I was able to glean today for you guys to give you that piece of information.


All right, everybody. I want to thank everybody, thank you so much, and everybody associated with the big call, especially those of you out there that are listening to us and have for many, many years. Some of you haven’t missed a call in 11 years. So we thank you for that.


As I mentioned earlier, you can get the big call live like right now or you can come back and pick it up on the replay number on what after the call is ended tonight the replay numbers good or get it on the link when the link is posted to our website.


Okay, so either way is good. All right, let’s let everybody have a great night. Thank you for listening. And we’ll be in touch with you. Let’s everybody keep the faith. Stay in faith. Press in and pray this thing in. Let’s look for something very positive for us over the weekend. All right. Good night, everybody.


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