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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 8-16-22

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, August 16th and you’re listening to the big call. Thank you everybody for tuning in live if you’re listening live all over the globe – and then those that are listening by way of replay – replay link or the replay number, thank you for tuning in as well – whether it’s live or Memorex, as I always say, and I’m glad that you’re here and we’re looking forward to having a really interesting and good call tonight – and I mean that seriously – So, standby,


As we move into the so called Intel segment, guys – I do have some good news to report so stay tuned – this is a good one. You know we, we talked Thursday, I believe and sometimes it’s five days later and I forget kind of what I said. But I believe we’ve talked about the fact that Iraq had completed what we wanted them to do.


They had put out a rate at least in the region, and they had been trading that rate up somewhat since it first came out and they decided they would pay all the contractors working in Iraq, starting yesterday, the 15th at the newly revalued dinar rate so that the contractors would essentially take / get the benefit of that revalued rate.


Now, that started yesterday on the 15th and it’s continuing. I don’t think they paid everybody yesterday, but they did start paying some of the contractors yesterday and continuing to pay them all the way out.


Now, what’s interesting about it is that we thought as a result of when Iraq was planning to do yesterday that we would not only have a new rate from them, but would we get notified and when would we start?


So then we cut to the bondholders. I think I told you Thursday that some of the people we know of that were intermediaries or introducers, to bond buyers and sellers had received their email and they saw in their accounts, the amount that they would have access to.


The question is, when would they have access? That email that would tell them that would come out yesterday and so we’re not absolutely confirmed, but we believe that they have access to funds either yesterday or today. The bond sellers that have sold these bonds and boxes of bonds, and so on, are still waiting to be notified as to the availability of those funds for the bonds that they’ve sold, and the accessibility of those funds – and when they can actually have full access to them –


Now, will they get full access to all of the money right away? No. I think I mentioned Thursday about the idea of 1% – 1% of a lot is still a lot – and for the first – I believe it was 30 days – the bondholders would get 1% of the total for the first 30 days and then after that they would get nine tranches of funds, which would be approximately 11% of what math is right? 11% of the total times nine is 99.


Okay, and then the 1% they got up front, that equals your total 100. So in nine tranches starting in month two, let’s say okay, they would receive a tranche of 11% – 11% and everything like that for nine months straight.


I thought okay, that sounds cool. All right. Good for them. What about us? Do we follow that same line, and I got clarification this week since our last call on how that was going to work.


Okay, let’s say that you have dong or you have dinar, but you don’t have any zim. You got Dong dinar you’ve got some rupiah you’ve got some rial etc  – Well, I don’t know any –  any you know, you get every all but you know, any currency that you exchange at the redemption center, or at the tier one bank because remember – if you’re not a new holder, you may be going to a tier one bank and not a redemption center.


Okay. So when you do your exchange of those currencies, you are supposed to have full access of all of those funds on your currencies right away – day one – day two. You’re supposed to have access to those equivalent funds in USN dollars – our new United States dollar the USN or USTN


Okay, but it’ll be digital – It’ll be – if I understand it right – It will not have to go into the quantum account. It would go into your primary Wells account or Chase account or Citi account or Bank of America account. You see, because its currency. It’s not a bond like the bearer bonds are with the Zimbabwe notes.


All right, so let’s cut to those of us that have maybe zim and also currency like dinar and Dong – Well, in our case, we’ve got a hybrid, that when we do our exchange of the currencies, my understanding is that we would have our primary account setup that those funds would be funneled into.  Okay, our primary Wells account, which is an interest bearing account. Right.


Now, let’s say we’ve got some zim notes and we’re going to redeem those – because they’re bearer bonds, and they’re worth quite a bit as you guys know, if you’ve looked at the face on them, and by the way, and we’ve got projects, we’ve got projects, we have a  world class presentation, and projects to match our presentation.


And we’ve done everything right, we’ve created our presentation, and now we’re redeeming. So we’re redeeming our zim, and like the bondholders our understanding, and this has changed several times over the last couple of years – the latest understanding is that we also will get access to 1% of the Zim total on day one, and then 30 days later, we also would get 11% of the remaining amount


So we get 11 The next month 11 The following month 11 The last month nine tranches tra n ch e s posh, the French word like transfers, tranche of what amounts to 11% of our total. So nine times 11 is still 99 plus the 1%, boom, there’s your one, there’s your 100%.  I believe that’s how it’s going to work.


So we’re gonna get all of it in a total of what would be what 10 months time in 10 months. Day one plus nine tranches. 10 months you got it.


Now, where does the money stay in the meantime? It stays in the quantum accounts, not making any interest. Now, what if you don’t want to take all of it and put it in your primary account? I understand. What if you don’t want to take a tranche of 11% of your total and put it in your primary? I can’t answer that yet. That’s up to you – and it’s up to how you work with your premier bankers at Wells, how all that’s going to work.


But I think what’s interesting is you’ll find that for Zim holders, at least, that 1% of that total will still should still be quite a bit of funds to start your project with – and I think it’s way more than 1.5 billion for most of us, or 1.8 billion. It’s quite a bit more.


Okay, so that’s all going to depend on which notes you have and how many you’ve got, let’s face it.


But what’s interesting is, this is new in the last couple of days, and this is a new format. And it looks like unless I missed it, unless I missed it and didn’t get it right. This looks like we’re going to get basically the same routine, as the bond sellers are going to get with getting access to those funds.


I think what is really interesting about it is that it’s the fact that the bond sellers apparently have not received their access to funds yet. I believe they’re waiting for them to be paid. And give them their access to their 1% when we get access to our 1% at the redemption center.


I can’t absolutely confirm that – but if that does happen where the bondholders in tier three essentially are going with us into tier four and for the for that fact, tier five public may also be going with us at the same time in banks but not redemption centers.


Then it might mean that we are truly on a shotgun start that we are going together – even tier three, tier four and five as a shot gun start and that’s what I believe is taking place by what I’m hearing and what I’m not hearing. So let’s cut to where – where we actually are.


Today, redemption centers were in conference calls this morning. Not super long calls and banks around the globe were in meetings throughout the globe banks were in meetings today


And what we’re hearing is, according to a conference call from one of our contacts, that we could very well be notified either tomorrow late morning or tomorrow, early afternoon with our toll free number and therefore set up our appointments and the theory is we might start on Thursday with our exchanges and redemption of zim.


Now, late morning to me is around 11 o’clock, early afternoon it’s around one o’clock. Now I verified today again, the theory that whatever they do come out it will be at the same time in each time zone.


So for example, if it were to come out at 11 in the morning, it’d be 11 Eastern 11 Central 11 Mountain and 11 Pacific and so on.


That happened in the afternoon – and it was early afternoon – It could be one o’clock – could be two o’clock – But it would be one o’clock Eastern – one o’clock central – one o’clock Pacific and one o’clock Mountain.  I got those backwards but you know what I mean? So that everybody gets it at the same time in their time zone. That is evidently what they’re planning to do.


Now, this is information that’s coming from good quality sources, but we also know that this is what our source in the bank is expecting. It doesn’t mean it’s absolute. We have to wait for it to happen for it to be absolute – the staff is going in in the morning at 9:30 in the redemption centers, and then if the numbers come out, more staff will be added in the afternoon.


They’ll continue on a program of full staffing with major players and associates or assistants helping for 11 days straight going right through on Sunday.


So if we do get started Thursday, let’s say notifications tomorrow, set appointments for Thursday. It’d be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, blah blah, all the way through for 11 days. Now some redemption centers may go longer, some may go shorter, based on the demographic, the amount of Zim holders and so on and getting them do they want the zim holders in yesterday Yeah, of course they do.


And here’s another thing to keep in mind, our tier one banks and it may apply to tier two, three and four banks are reducing their branches. They’re reducing their number of branches throughout the country – because there’s not going to be the need for as many bank branches in the future.


So they’re making these decisions now on what to do in those states. All the way through the US and cutting branches and it’s going to be amazing because there won’t be that need for those bankers. Sure we need wealth managers or Premier bankers, which is what Wells Fargo calls them – and I’m sure the other banks have their terms for it. But yeah, we’ll need those guys as our contact people at the bank.



But beyond that, most everything can be done online –through  ATMs, if you want cash, etc so we’ll see what that looks like – but I think the banks are going to be under a reduction schedule over the next three months or so. And of course it will take longer than three months to probably do all that reduction, but I know they’re going to actively be pursuing that.


If this tarries and if we don’t go as I’m hearing – you know guys – have I’ve been wrong ever before? Don’t everybody gang up at once? Of course I have. Everybody has –


The intel that I give you guys – a lot of it is not date sensitive – A lot of it is other things that you can use, but when I’m trying to give you an idea of what I’m hearing as far as the “when” for notifications – Yeah. Yes, we’ve been misinformed. The banks have been misinformed. It’s not up to the bank. It’s up to Treasury with the help of the military.


And so that’s why we seem to have been pushed. Every time we turn around we’ve got a delay or what seems to be a delay, but we know that behind the scenes the process is moving.


We had to get the quantum financial system up. We had to get it connected to everybody. We had to get the Starlink system up, get it connected to everybody. We had to get blockchain going. We had to get the cryptocurrencies in an exchangeable format with QRP – we had to get them gold backed. We had to get currencies gold backed.


You know there’s so many variables to this but you guys 18 years ago, we thought we were just going to exchange dinar and maybe dong. We’ve got 13 to 17 currencies that are going up in value. That’s what we’re going to be exchanging.


And then we had no clue about the zIm back then. And here the zim is what we’re going to be able to do all of these humanitarian projects with – so I want to let everybody know that what I’m getting I cannot call it –  You know how close I’ve been calling it in the past.


I’m just saying what I’m hearing is looking very good for tomorrow – looking very good.


And it doesn’t matter from our sources, at least from my sources. What – whoever’s in the White House right now or not in the White House is – in the case of the foe president is not a factor.


So we shall see how this comes out. We’re looking forward to a good result. And I think everybody should be on their computer turning me off now. Get those projects ready to present you guys.



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