Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-24-23


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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, January 24. And you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in, wherever you are. If you’re live great if you’re listening to a replay, a replay link to either way, we’re glad that you’re listening, and welcome all from all over the globe.


All right, well, Intel wise guys, we’re at a good place. I will say this, banks, redemption centers have really sort of closed down their apertures and they’re really talking to us.  We got a message here and a message there so tonight is a day or night where we don’t have a whole lot to share  – But I’ll come at it from a perspective of where the world is in terms of the countries that have their currencies, ready to be asset backed if they’re not already.


Because remember, the BRICS nations we have 30 – 35 countries as part of that So far if not more that are asset backed we  the United States as an asset backed currency, we know the USN and we are part of the BRICS nations. BRICS is Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa were the original five countries to make up the BRICs – and now you’ve got quite a few other countries that have glommed on, and are considered asset backed primarily precious metals, obviously primarily gold.


Now, we are in that position ourselves – and we are printing our new currency and three locations, and we are they’re going hard at it. We’ve had some currency already printed, but the latest currency for us – We had the hundreds and the 50s already in the redemption centers and major tier 1 banks where they did unwrap those or unseal them as shrink wrapped and have those kind of ready to go in the in the drawers and the teller drawers in the vaults.


But there are the other denominations our currency 20’s – 10s and 5’s. I can’t speak to the 1’s but I know 20’s 10’s and 5’s are new, and those were unwrapped  on Sunday believe – Sunday in the redemption centers and they were also unwrapped and put into drawers so we are going to have the new USN or as I call it, United States Treasury note currency is our folding money.


We’ll have access to that at the redemption center to get a few 1000 – They don’t want us to have more than say $6,500 of that. I don’t need to take more than that. I would probably take less – at the time of the redemption, and get that, but they will issue us the new currency – not a bundle of old fiat currency and new like we were misinformed before.   We’re gonna get the new stuff okay, which is cool.


But it should be introduced in the next couple of days. At tier one bank, not every bank will get it immediately right away. but most banks will get it And they’ll introduce it at the bank level and we’ll have it at the redemption center.


So what is happening globally is the countries who are Basel four compliant.   B E A S E L – pronounced  Basel as in Basel, Switzerland.


If you are Basel four compliant and your banks are  compliant – that’s when your currency can get revalued and those currencies can be put out, as currencies can be declared as asset backed or precious. metals backed.


For the most part that’s the case that is happening now – So that we are so called deadlines scheduled to do that is guess what? A week from today?  The 31st of January.


So they have one more week to get their act together and have all those countries that are ready, not every country will be ready to go and is ready, but those that are Basel four compliant, will be ready to go, and as a result, Iraq for example, which is one of those currencies that’s already there, has been there. We’ve held them back. They’ve held us back and all that held them back.


Now. They’re all set and ready to go. Their currency will actually be traded on Sunday. Their first business day is Sunday, this coming Sunday. Okay, so that’s gonna take place for Iraq  – good for us.


The other thing that is going to happen on Sunday is the Forex is going to be open for trading all of these. Now the Forex doesn’t trade every currency. I’m sure there’s some screens that will trade the smaller countries currencies. Usually you’ve got about eight currencies, maybe 10 that are prominent enough to be traded in pairs, on the Forex Okay, so that’s going to take place also starting Sunday.


Now, you say well gee, we have to wait until Sunday to get started. And the answer I’m getting is no. We don’t have to wait until Sunday. What we do is we have our bond paymaster information, telling us that bond holders should receive their notifications by email Tomorrow morning around 7am Eastern time tomorrow.


Now some of them could wake up to it. Some of them could get a little later. but overall the bondholders are supposed to have notifications go out around 7am Tomorrow.


Now, we’ve talked about a shotgun start. We’ve talked about a modified shotgun start. I believe we’re in the modified category where we could go with our notifications up to 12 hours after the bondholders get their notifications. It might be sooner, It could be at the same time – but our contact is getting from Geneva Switzerland that that we should get it tomorrow some time.


We don’t know when – I’m not going to predict the time. I’m just going to say if it comes in tomorrow – at any time we get notified -We are off to the races – we’re good to go. We’ll set our appointments we’ll start our exchanges – possibly tomorrow – but I’m hoping to say most likely Thursday and that’s okay, that’s good. I think any of us would take that right now.


Can we get this done this week? Yes, I believe we can. And I’m looking forward to that. I really am –


So Iraq is good to go and they have a rate that is commensurate or higher than what Dr. Shabibi predicted 10 years ago at the International Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington DC, of which our friend – Blue Star – asked him the all  important  question as to what he believed the Iraqi dinar could support as a rate, and he gave us that rate I talked to you guys about it for years on the big call, we are at or above that rate now.


Let’s see. if there’s anything else that’s really urgent.


I think everything went swimmingly in Davos, another town a ski resort in Switzerland. And when I say swimmingly, I think it went well to the benefit of those who are aware of what was actually going on. What would be the end result of that meeting. So that was positive.


Let’s see anything. You know, guys when I get down to the point where we’re looking at, when are we going to get notified – and when are we going to start exchanges – When I get down to that point  – there’s not a whole lot else seems to matter to me. That’s what we’re gunning for – that’s what we’re looking for.


Many of you guys, even today are about rate and date, rate and date, rate and date. Well, maybe this isn’t too different than that. You know, I’m looking at notifications and start exchanges, notifications, toll free number, make the phone call set the appointment. They’ll be more than 10 minutes early to the appointment, and then boom, get in there.


Do your eight minute presentation if you are a zim  holder about what it is you want to do to help heal humanity, what you want to bring to regenerate humanity and regenerate all of these different projects. We’ve talked about regenerative farming, regenerative architecture, regenerative housing, you name it, you could almost throw regenerative in place of sustainable – because it will just mean quote, sustaining something for the long term. But we want to change things and renew things and regenerate things like farming /  agriculture – that is going to be so cool.


And I don’t know that there’s anything else that we need to wait for. you know, I’m told we don’t have to wait for the various currencies around the world to become an asset pack for us to do our exchanges are good.


So, you know we finally did everything we needed to do with the USN I think it’s just a matter of us letting this come to us. Also, there you know guys we keep talking about the possibility of change. We talked about the possibility of Gosh, other geopolitical type things happening, getting out the word using the center 12 days of disclosure. Yep, looking at that, and waiting for that to manifest and I think it’s gonna happen, but it’s going to happen on so many mainstream channels and it may be on all channels.


We’ll see – we’ll just have to see what happens. There’s a lot of stuff in the wings that we need to watch for. But I feel like we’re at a really good turnaround point right now in our year of 2023 to make this thing happen, and to get all our projects underway.


Now hopefully  we get notified tomorrow. We won’t have their big call on like we’re doing now, but we will be in touch with you.


So that’s really all I wanted to bring to you guys tonight.


I feel like finally, it appears we’re at let’s see what happens in the Bible wars and hopefully, and then let’s see what happens after we get our free number. Okay. All right. Have a good night and let’s pray the call out.




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