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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-2-23


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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, February the second and thanks for joining us tonight. Here we are Thursday night.  We’ve got a lot of things to talk about. I know Sue is gonna bring a lot of cool stuff. And I know Bob will have some great information and I will do the best I can on the minimal intel that I have tonight. I’ll just say it like that. But we’re looking forward to it..


Okay, let’s segue over to the Intel segment you guys. I don’t think it’s going to be very long. Because what we got today was kind of limited.


We know and have known for a while that our bank personnel for the most part, for the most part are clammed shut. They have either NDA or gag orders – and do you realize that the redemption center staff are wearing a tracking bracelet.


Oh sure they track their GPS in their phone. But you could leave your phone and be somewhere else. Well, they’re being tracked, some of it for their own security, but they’re having to wear these bracelets you can’t take off – they’d be taken off and It won’t come back on. It’s, you know — Anyway, it’s something that keeps the redemption center staff from communicating. So we don’t have a whole lot to share on that.


What we did get today was that some of the whales of the bond holders were receiving notifications to get in touch with certain banks. So they got their emails this morning. And since nine or 930, some of the redemption centers or rather the banks, that are most of them that are attached to redemption centers, not all – got information suggesting that they would have access to their funds, and so on and so forth.


So it was like what we’ve been waiting for – sort of has occurred, but the mid level bondholders that we interact with, are waiting until I believe it’s tomorrow morning to get notified.


Now – this whole thing about bond holders getting notified or a shotgun start or a modified shotgun start or 12 hours later. It’s it may be working like that. We had heard that certain bond holders would get notified sometime after sunset yesterday. And we should be notified if we were 12 hours later by this morning. Well, they didn’t get notified. We didn’t get notified this morning either –


So – a little disappointed that we didn’t hear that get those emails this morning. We thought we would –just didn’t happen – but  we could be that close to where they can come tomorrow or Saturday. We just don’t know.


We know that Iraq did their thing with their reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar yesterday, officially. And then today, it revalued and it’s got a rate on the screen and it’s going up. We heard some outrageous contract rates for the dinar which is a real thing.


Pretty amazing.  So that’s not going to be Issue at all. Oh, and there’s no contract for dong – just so you  know  – but there is on the dinar – and is higher than we had been told it would be. Good. So where we stand right now – is things are so quiet – We don’t know whether tomorrow is going to be a big day for us or not.


Charlie Ward was supposed to announce GESARA today out of South Africa. I don’t know if he did not – I can’t get a confirmation. But I don’t know. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. We had heard that NESARA was announced here – And maybe we’ll do something on that. But this was the day that both of those were to be announced  – NESARA  and GESARA – Along with the RV the revaluation of these currencies.

We know more and more countries are being accepted into the BRICS nations, including Germany with last one that we heard about. We heard that Nigeria and a number of other countries in Africa that are part of the BRICS United States is supposedly a part of the BRICS nations. I think two or three weeks ago, we made we heard about that but Israel made in a lot of Egypt made it in – there are a lot of countries that are in there now – and I’m sure more will be added  you know, because the interesting thing is Germany, I think was that in the last day or so – and if Germany did that, that’s the beginning of the end of the euro.


Because all those countries are going to Europe are going back to an asset backed currency -we all know that. Do you remember in the old days when you had Swiss francs you still do – but you had German, Deutsche Marks you know you had French francs – Australian Austrian what it is right now, right Austria shilling.


Basically all these countries are going back to their own currencies again. And the Euro is going to be dead and gone – I mean Britain, Great Britain is on the pound sterling and their currency is backed by silver. And that in their pound sterling makes sense right?


So this whole thing is taking shape and coming to the point where we are in this month of February, we’re supposed to be in GESARA, and seeing some of the evidence of that which should include, you know, a year of jubilee of debt relief for us.


I’ve talked to you about restitutional allowance. That’s coming for seniors of 62 and older, and other age groups will be helped on that as well. I think universal basic income. so there’s quite a bit that is supposed to kick off in the second or third week of February. So we’ll see how that manifests.


Political change should be happening this month. Maybe not quite as quickly as I thought, but I’ve heard two different things. One about this weekend, a couple of weeks from now. We’ll see how that comes together.


Guys we are just at a point where they do not want us to know the timing of when this is going to be released. And so they’re listening to all of our calls, recording our calls. And I don’t know if that’s NSA, but they’ve always been listening to the live calls.


Doesn’t bother me. It’s just at the point right now where the information few and far between we heard out of Iraq today. Excuse me that Iraq is expecting something major In the next two days.


Well they’ve already RV’d – they’ve already  — what would it be? I don’t know. It could be the announcement of their new dinar, which could be a global thing. Maybe that’s what it is.


I don’t know – there’s so many little bits and pieces out there. – and there’s some things I can’t talk about, unfortunately. So all I can say is stay tuned in and hang in there – because I think our redemption draweth nigh — the redemption of our zim and our other currency exchanges as well


I’m still excited. I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get what we thought we’d get today, to be completely candid with you. However, I know that if bond holders have been notified – and then more will be tomorrow, we should be right behind them. We should be right there – maybe we actually get notified when they do — that is possible.


So let’s just kind of stay tuned, and keep an eye on your email and see what happens between now and next Tuesday. We may be in the clear and you’ll be getting our number and the number out to you through the emails that we’re going to send out from big call You know, I have to believe we’re very, very close. And we’ve heard that for different people. But you know, that means different things to different people.


I’m hoping we get some action here the next couple days. So that’s what I’m going to report and say is happening. I wish I could  give you guys more, but things are really getting quiet. It’s tough. It’s tough to get what we even have now. So things are happening. Things are moving  – and  a lot of activity, behind the scenes – a lot of things geopolitically around the globe. So that’s all good.


Let’s just stay with it. And just keep the faith. Use your faith. And let’s enjoy the moment that the thing is very, very close. All right, let’s pray the call out – First I want to thank everybody that’s listening, no matter where you are around the globe. Thanks for listening. Thank you Sue, for everything that you bought and thank you, Bob, for everything that you’re bringing every Tuesday and Thursday night – and thank you everybody out there in Big Ccall universe for listening and tuning in, and being expecting /  expectant for what we’re about to receive.


And let’s just stay tuned for what’s happening. I think there’s a lot happening. And I think we could get surprised. Maybe they will surprise us in the next day or so. Let’s hope so. But in the meantime let’s pray the call out, and we’ll do that now —




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